THE Future That BOMBED


OVER THE YEARS POP PHOTO has been pretty good at predicting future photo technology. “Pretty good,” though, does not mean “flawless.” And the photo industry has launched some, um, breakthrough products that should have stayed on the drawing board. Just take a look.


• February 1958: “Will [Video] Tape Replace Film?”

•April 1958: “Are Subminiatures a Threat to 35mm Supremacy?” •October 1958: “Will the Russians Beat Us to a Fully Automated Camera?”

•Sept. 1972: “Is 35mm Dead?”

•June 1975: “Can Photography Help Your Child Develop a Superbrain?”

•December 1978: “Serious 110

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1958. Project Collie. Robot cyborg USSR!

1958 — the height of the Cold War, the arms race and the beginning of a top-secret Soviet project by creating a robotic cyborg. Mass specialists in all areas has been involved in it. And the bottom line is that in a fully mechanical robot body to put the pilot's head, which would have ruled him out!

The end of the 50s — early 60s of the last century was a time of significant achievements in the field of scientific experiments around the world, including the Soviet Union. In those

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