The most mysterious phenomenon

The most mysterious phenomenon in the history of mankind, or a clever hoax? Tricks of pranksters or consequences unexplored atmospheric phenomena? These drawings are in the surface of the planet, amaze us with its size, variety of forms, intricate symbols and strange side effects on the environment, but most of all — mysterious origin. They are observed in all parts of the world since the last decades of the twentieth century, but no eyewitness, no research results is not enough to determine the nature of this phenomenon.

Some hoaxer, even claimed that the circles of their creation, some communities

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14 Belarusians — the list of the most dangerous criminals in Interpol

Society The International Criminal Police Organization Interpol in Operation Infra-Red-2010 posted on its official website for information about the 100 most dangerous criminals, fugitives from justice throughout the world, and their photos.

The total list has the names of 14 Belarusian citizens. This Oblasov Victor (born 1960), Victor Olehnovich (1972), Alexander Barankau (1981), Sergei Volevaty (1970), Natalia Drozdov (1985), Vladimir Gordeev (1957), Michael Gudovich (1980), Igor Irkho (1960) Vadim Katz (1971), Vitaly Kuczynski (1985), Raphael Levine (1963), Alexander Rabets (1974), Victoria Tsunyuk (1961), Konstantin Egorov (1974). Minsk authorities also sent to Interpol request for recovery of a citizen of Pakistan,

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Alexander Yarashuk

Society Alexander I. Yarashuk born November 16, 1951 in the village of granddaughters Kamenetz district, Brest region. Two higher education: in 1974 he graduated from the Kursk Agricultural Institute agronomist: In 1990 — Minsk Higher Party School in the field of political science and sociology. He began his career in 1974 as an agronomist at the farm Dimitrov Kamenetz district. In 1975-76. he served in the army. In 1976-80. worked as chief agronomist of the farm "Zhabinkovski" (Zhabinkovski district, Brest region); 1980-82. — Vice-chairman farm "Ray" Zhabinkovsky district. In the years 1982-84. led selgasaddelam Zhabinkovsky District CPB. 1984-85. — Instructor

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