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Magnum photographer Rene Burri has been awarded the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2013 for his contributions to photography.

Born in Switzerland in 1933, Burri’s most famous picture is arguably his portrait of Che Guevara smoking a cigar.

Photo sharing website Smugmug has said it will not strip key metadata from pictures placed on its site. The announcement comes after controversial plans were unveiled by the government that could potentially allow free use of orphan photographs — images where the copyright owners cannot be contacted because the

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Audio on February 19th

• Digest of Belarusian news a day or. Gennady Buraukin sytutsyyu about in opposition.• Guest "Radio Liberty" — public figure from Vilnius Sergei Vitushko• Survey in Minsk — "What do you associate the word Lithuania?"• Report from the joint concert of the Belarusian-Lithuanian project "Tylos Labanoro"2nd part:• research: as a creator in Belarus can defend their rights website?• British researchers substantiated people are not specified, using pirated goods• Survey about Minsk shop "Mystery of Sound" — that acquire the guests?• Belarusian Web at "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• February 19 — day of birth Copernicus. Grodno Many believe

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NIBULON put already the 19th elevator complex


In the village Great Korovintsy Chudnovsky district of Zhytomyr region. "NIBULON" put already the 19th in a newly build modern and high-tech elevator complex on the receipt, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds.

The company was built in just 80 days. In the new elevator branch "Grouse" "NIBULON" invested 192 million USD. In general, for the whole period of its activity, the company has invested in the economy of more than 7 billion USD.

"Persons who hold water, gas, lighting. Is a repair of the entire social infrastructure — from schools to the club,

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For the past 2,100 years the maximum sea level rise observed since the late 19th century

Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences of the USA reconstructed changes in the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of the U.S. over the past 2,100 years.

Scientists have found that the maximum rate of rise of the water level of the ocean, for the entire study period, there was from the late 19th century.

In 200 BC up to 1000 AD the sea level was relatively stable. From the 11th century AD up to the 15th century BC the level of the ocean has increased by an average of half a millimeter per year, which is correlated

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Alexei King: The verdict Sannikov reminds sentence Kozulin

Society Minsky says political scientist Alex King verdicts Andrei Sannikov, Elijah Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavu, Vladimir Eremenko.

"The sentence reminds Sannikov sentence Kozulin. There wasabout five and a half years. So this is such a foregone conclusion norm. And the result of the verdict was laid under essentially the "documents" which were printed in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia". The line charges and that invoice, which cited by sutanstsi to fit the abvinavachnne, sounded.

The second conclusion. In fact, this is the logic of the authorities in the course of the 19th, if it were not for sentences, the

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Each Mubarak — has its own Tahrir Square …

Society A new channel series "PO Box 111".

Ether March 2, 2011In the post "Freedom" is still dominated by the letters on the consequences of the events of 19th December 2010, when an opposition protest was violently dispersed by the police, and many of its participants and organizers (including presidential candidates) were imprisoned.

I will start today's conversation from a letter on the subject, who sent us Alexander from Minsk. He himself was a participant and witness how the evening on December 19 people gathered in the square, came under police batons. Recalling those events, a listener writes:

"Lukashenko is

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Medieval prosthetics

Interesting to see what was the prosthetic limb disabilities in the Middle Ages.

Metal hand 1560-1600 year


Prosthetic leg in 1918


Metal hand 1500


Leg 1928


Leg 1891


Victorian prosthetic hand with interchangeable tips


Prosthetic leg made of aluminum


19th century wooden leg


Wooden leg with metal feet from the 19th century


19th century wooden leg


Metal hand 16th

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