Dacian Wolf 2005

Berry Vissers visited RAF Lossiemouth, for Exercise Dacian Wolf 2005, the first detachment to the UK by a Romanian Air Force fighter squadron since Romania became a NATO member on April 1, 2004.

INTEGRATION INTO NATO of the former Warsaw Pact air forces has brought a variety of new training opportunities for all the nations involved. Between June 30 and July 18, the Romanian Air Force (Fortele Aeriene ale Romaniei) became the latest NATO member to train in the UK with the RAF.

Four MiG-21 LanceR-C air defence fighters assigned to 861 Escadrila, one of the two LanceR squadrons at

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Brazilian AF P-3 AM Contract Progressing

PROGRESS CONTINUES on the Forca Aerea Brasileira (FAB) P-3AM Orion contract, under which the FAB has acquired 12 former US Navy P-3As through a contract signed last year (see Brazilian P-3BR and C-295 Contracts Signed, July 2005, p22). Eight of these (with an option on a ninth) are being refurbished and upgraded for FAB service, whilst the remainder will be used for spares.

EADS CASA is upgrading the aircraft, but Aero Union Corporation (AUC) of Chico, California, announced on August 19, 2005, that it had been contracted to de-preserve and reactivate them. All have been in storage at the Aerospace

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Announced fundraising for the monument Anatolia Sysuev

Competition to create a monument Anatolia Sysuev who put on his grave in his native village Goroshkov announced first this year.Says a close friend of the poet and the coordinator of the competition vice-chairman Union of Belarusian Writers Edward Akulin:"If we have summed up the contest, then unanimously elected outline of the draft proposed by the Belarusian young architect Hanicke Loikaw, as it is more consistent with the concept of the monument. Related Anatolia wished the base concept lay the sign of the Christian cross, which, in fact, did Genyk Loikaw. "To implement the project have found in Ukraine and

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New salting Poland arrived in Minsk

Recall the last salting Poland to Belarus Tadeusz Pawlak left Minsk in November 2005. In his place, the Polish authorities have appointed a deputy governor of the eastern department of the Ministry Foreign Affairs Henryk Litwin. Henryk Litwin graduated from the History Department of the Warsaw Institute. In soon served as Deputy Director of the Foreign Ministry of Poland’s eastern policy. Previously he was on diplomatic work in Lviv, Rome and Moscow. But it will be an ambassador for the first time in his own car» ers. • Why to Poland This time has no ambassador in Belarus?, 13.02.2007 •

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Will open in Homel laboratory Bandazheuski?

Vice-president of the French charitable organization "Kryrad" Roman Shazel candidate and honey Sciences Galina Bandazhevskaya, wife of Dr. Bandazheuski visited Buda Koshelevskii area where figured out the possibility of organizing care for people who live in contaminated areas.As saidand Galina Bandazhevskaya open independent scientific and environmental laboratory is not yet possible. The Ministry of Justice refused to register it, referring to the fact that these laboratories can not be made public. According Bandazhevskaya, her husband, Dr. Bandazheuski, is currently in France. The authorities of the town of Clermont-Ferrand recognized his noble citizen. He allocated housing and intended doctoral scholarship. Doctor

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In Volozhin father opened the monument of John Paul II

Above the height of a 2-meter monument, made of fiberglass and coated with bronze paint worked Polish and Italian architects. Sculpture brought from Poland and settled in the historic center of town, near the church of St. Joseph, which is a monument of classical architecture of the XIX century.

First in the world monument to Pope John Paul II opened in Hamburg 2005. Same 2005 -foot bust of Pope John Paul II was put on the ground in the village church Vasilishki Grodno region. And present day exclusively in Poland are 17 monuments "the most famous Pole."

Authorities use the

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Reopened the criminal case against activists of the Union of Poles

Criminal case was initiated in August 2005, when power was shared by the Alliance of Poles into two camps, declaring illegitimate democratically elected management led by Angelika Borys. Some participants SPB taken the side of the authorities, in including Victor Bogdan. Action criminal case a couple of times prolonged, four activiststhere was banned from traveling abroad, and later it stopped.Currently criminal case resumed and four activists of the Union of Poles in Lately will cause the investigator regional police captain Dmitry Labotskaga.• Advisor to the Prime Minister of Poland» EPA: "Minsk should give a signal", 22.02.2007 • The case against

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How did the Congress of Democratic Forces in 2005?

This status claimed first secretary PKB Sergei Kalyakin favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, representative of the NGO sector Alexander Milinkevich supported BPF "Junior Front"And favorite BSDG Stanislav Shushkevich. Last withdrew his candidacy before the vote. Communists after as their favorite was eliminated in the first round, largely supported by Anatoly Lebedko. As a result of hidden vote in the 2nd round with a margin of eight votes defeated Alexander Milinkevich. Lebedko, S. Kalyakin S.Shushkevich and after the elections announced on preserving the unity of the united opposition. Kalyakin namely noted that the coalition "no differences in fact, because the main problem

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My Belarus — new fatakonkurs Liberty

Leading journalist will fatakonkursu Valery Dranchuk (Pictured). He — the winner of an international award named after Henry Ford’s "For the preservation of cultural heritage and the environment" and the Literary Prize Ales Adamovich Belarusian PEN-center. Creator books and photo exhibitions, removes more than 30 7 years. Oh, so he explains the idea fatakonkursu new "Freedom":"Pochetaemy friend!Dear guests coveted fotagastsevni!"Freedom" extends the range of broadcasting through a reliable modern means — picture.I personally have a solemn remembrance of present a day or, from our first meeting, as I know — we love to connect voedinyzhdy planet Belarus, connects us voedinyzhdy

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P.Mozheyko resigns as press secretary A.Milinkevich

Mazhejka became press secretary Milinkevich autumn 2005, when it chose a single candidate from the democratic forces in the elections President of Belarus."Puzzles, who stood before me in November 2005, become less topical. Now another political situation that asks for my views, new faces. This is my personal decision, and for me basically that Alexander Milinkevich I realized, "- said Pavel Mazhejka press center of Charter 97.

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