The EU is concerned about the arrests of youth activists

European Commissioner for arrest for 15 days and Paul Severyntsa Alexey Shein and other detention youth activists have a political base. She notes that "the Belarusian laws restrict the effective activities of the opposition and non-governmental organizations. In Last year thrown in jail was a political opponent of President Lukashenko, Alexander Kozulin, who This time is in custody. ""I urge Belarusian authorities immediately release all political detainees, "said Benita Ferrero-Waldner.• In the bullpen and a half 10-ka activists, 25.07.2007 • Dmitri Fedoruk kept in police, 26.07.2007 • U.S. Embassy condemns the sentencing Seviarynets and Shein, 24.07.2007

In the bullpen and a half 10-ka activists

A 10th morning Tribunal Partyzanski district of Minsk bullpen brought Paul Baranowski and Alexei Shydlovsky. They were arrested yesterday on the street, when the guys were posting leaflets calling to participate in the European march "For Freedom."Pavel made a protocol for distributing leaflets and Alexei — for disorderly conduct. Now tribunal were witnesses for the prosecution. Referee deferred consideration of the case on August 8 and released from custody Pavel Baranovsky and Alexei Shydlovsky.But funny day in the apartment to Shydlovsky people came in civilian clothes. They introduced themselves as employees ZhESa initially, and later asked to accompany them to

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