Basil Siliverstov released after the announcement of Liberty

Siliverstov believes that the decision of the head of the KGB impacted on the website of "Freedom" of forced detention. By combining the views of activist liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy, employees myuts order to detain opposition recently "European march". • Vasily Siliverstov wishes to appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal, 24.09.2007 • Liquidator Basil Siliverstov watchmen Lukashenko was taken to the infirmary Rechitsky, 22.09.2007 • V.Siliverst: "We need to return to the doctor Bandazheuski Belarus", 29.08.2007 • Basil Siliverstov ended hunger strike 27.08.2007 • V.Siliverst: "The liquidators in Belarus is one of the largest", 27.04.2007

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