Israel Unveils Kela 2008Fm-Year Plan

AT A meeting of the Israel Defence Force’s General Staff on June 21, a revised five-year defence plan — Kela 2008 (Catapult 2008) — was discussed, which again raised the controversial subject of whether or not to purchase additional AH-64D attack helicopters (see Israeli AH-64 Controversy, February, pi5, and the major feature in the August issue, p30).

Proposals to exercise the six outstanding options for AH-64Ds were discussed and Air Force Commander Major General Eliezer Shkedi stated that he believes that the current 12 AH-64Ds on order are not enough and a further 12 should be acquired. However, under the

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Brazilian exhibition of elevators ExpoElevador 2008

The second exhibition ExpoElevador, held August 20-21

2008 in the Conference Centre Imigrantes Convention Center of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, surprised the organizers with its scale and quality of the exposures over the first exhibition in 2006. 55 exhibitors in an area of ​​5000 m2 demonstrated their products to almost two thousand visitors.

The exhibition is organized by publishing house Editora World Press, producing industry magazine Elevador Brasil. She received mostly Brazilian in terms of participants and visitors, though aimed to cover all of Latin America. Along with the international companies with businesses in Brazil, many independent local

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Putin does not rule out returning to the Kremlin

This he said during a meeting with foreign journalists and researchers in Sochi. Putin said that he wishes to remain an influential political figure after his own departure from the presidency in March 2008.He also said that the new Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov» er may participate in 2008 presidential election.

The purchasing power of wages reduced in 2008 by 15-18%

Tsigankov: "Management always says Belarus on its own social orientation of economic policy and seeks to find such options to come up with any steps, but not to increase prices. Neuzh at the moment there is no other economic leverage? Why do I have to raise prices for the most socially important products ? " Zaleski: "After spirited effect can be obtained not by selling Mercedes-class (which a few pieces sold per year), and on bread, pasta, milk, gasoline. Population they should take, will not get to, and we will take tomorrow or the day after. "Tsigankov "If-independent economists talk

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Prices will rise to almost all

Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich states that increase the price of natural gas imported from Russia, while not significantly impact on the welfare of the Belarusians.According bureaucrat brunt after rising gas prices by 114% took over the real economy:"Not so much on the population we sought to shift all the price hike … Naturally, the enormous burden carried the real sector. Increasing gas from January 2007, for the real sector amounted to 89.5%. For the population — 20%, in electricity — also 20 %. to the thermal energy to change the rates of 12%.Taking into account the social orientation of

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Parliamentary elections likely to be held on October 12, 2008

She explained that under the law the last probable date for the elections — October 15 2008. But today — work, and the last Sunday in front of him — just October 12.In her opinion, Alexander Lukashenko is likely agree with the proposed date, as previously impractical to hold elections — even during the holiday season lasts and agricultural work, and later — can not by law.Lidia Yermoshina said that the elections provided an estimate of about 25 billion rubles.She highlighted that the district boundaries will not change substantially compared to last parliamentary elections"This allows a possible candidate is at

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Inflation in August — 0.2%

According to the Ministry of Economy, the actual increase in prices 2008 14%, compared to the planned 8.6% per year, Interfax reported.Inflation in Belarus over the last few months of 2008:

    Inflation in Belarus in recent years:

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Topolanek: 2008 in Georgia worse than in 1968 in Czechoslovakia

In an interview with the head of the Czech government gave Oksana Pelenskay with Ukrainian Service Radio Liberty, Topolanek said that as at the moment of, so 40 years ago Russian Union and its allies from the Warsaw Pact was mentioned oppression aspirations of the people to change their own political destiny:"[In 1968] it was Russian imperialism, which feared that Czechoslovakia after free elections can throw the Warsaw Pact and expensive to freedom and democracy, and that is why the empire together with their friends and their armies had handed us so referred"Fraternal internationalist assistance." At the moment, it seemed

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Inflation for 2008 may reach 14%

"Today, of course, that within the scope of planned 10% resist not work" — said Tatiana Starchenko.— "If in the 2nd half of the year will reach the level of the first, it will be very good. " She said that for the first 6 months 2008 inflation stood at 7.3%.T.Starchenko explained that prices rise, first external factors: more expensive products and raw materials for zabugornyh markets. "Avoid rising prices in these criteria is very difficult," — she said.

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Government taught people that prices grow

The rate of export duty on crude oil in Russia from August 1, 2008 increased to $ 495.9 per ton from the current $ 398.1 per ton.Decision on approval of new customs duties on oil and oil products signed July 21 2008 Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.The export duty on light oil with 1 August 2008 will grow from $ 280.5 to $ 346.4 per ton, for black oil products — from $ 151.1 to $ 186.6 per ton.Does this increase in fees is in Belarus will increase prices of petroleum products? On this question responsible economist Yaroslav Romanchuk."Certainly, will rise.

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