Piranha caught in the River Don. Video. Photo


Piranha caught in the River Don, Volgograd oblasti.Rybaki from Lugansk caught it on the cake.

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The same piranha that in the first video is only still alive.

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The information was found on the forum forum.motolodka.ru. Thread is open party under the name Somm they also posted pictures.


Message from the board on 18/08/11.

In the area of the Don g.Kalach friends caught a piranha. Pecked on carp tackle with cake. At autopsy to examine the contents of the stomach: piece Extruded cereals, grains like wheat and a

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Why is canceled for daylight savings time?


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1.09.11.S September 1, 2011 in Russia installed 9 time zones came to the jet lag. The most distant areas of the capital — plus eight hours to Moscow time — will Kamchatka, Magadan and Sakhalin.

Division in Russia for nine time zones replaced the division into 11 time zones, which operated from 1919, a new division was introduced by decree of the President of Russia on June 3, 2011.

The same decree abolished the annual transition from "summer" time entered in the USSR in 1981, to "winter."

The last time was the

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The flow of tourists to the Chechen Republic for the year grew three times

The flow of tourists who visited the Chechen Republic in the period from 2011 to 2012, has tripled In 2011, the republic visited 7,000 people, while in 2012 — about 20,000.

Trend has continued this year. The share of foreign tourists increased by ten times: in 2011 there were only about 200 people a year, but a year later visited Chechnya to 3 tysyachi500 foreigners.

On the territory of the Republic laid 13 routes on various subjects, including pilgrimages, historical, cultural, natural and educational, historical, architectural, and others.

Most often

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Near Kharkov caterpillar plague. Video. Photo


Voracious insects swarmed not only gardens ..

20.08.11.Starozhily Kutuzovka (10 km from the regional center) for the first time witnessed a terrible sight: millions of tracks in a matter of hours destroyed everything that grew on their site and the surrounding fields. The attack began last weekend.

— On Friday my site was green and flourishing. And when we arrived on a Sunday, my eyes could not believe caterpillars stuck windows, doors, all the plants of the track … I had never seen, although biologist by training — says Tatiana Dachnitsa Yurchenko. — Our site is a last

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Hail, tornado and dust storm in the U.S.. Video


Hail at Lake Carter Lake, Iowa 18.08.11.

18.08.11.Silny hail the size of baseballs can spoil a lot of things.

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Tornado in Nebraska 08/18/11.

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Sandstorm struck the capital of Arizona, 8/18/11.

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MOSCOW, Aug. 19 — RIA Novosti. Sandstorm struck the American Phoenix — the capital of the state of Arizona (USA), reports the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC BBC. The cyclone is moving from the Arizona desert, where earlier this year for two forms the sand storms, more typical for sub-Saharan Africa than in the American

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Ultima ratio

Zyuganov as a mantra repeated thesis about the collapse of agriculture for 20 years predicting the imminent famine. This does not prevent this most agriculture to thrive and enter the world food markets. Well here is the last line of defense Zyuganov has fallen. Previously, they could add a little bit of truth in his thesis, since livestock population actually declined, but now the trend brokenfooted. I think eventually, as a result of real work on the "modernization" of livestock.

In 2011, the for the first time in 20 years discontinued downward trend in the number of cattle, said

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Mysterious portrait of ice in the Czech Republic. Video


24.07.11.Situatsiya that happened to this person, can affect everyone.

A man from Milovice, Czech Republic, walking through the forest when he saw the trees large block of ice where you can see a humanoid face. The situation is a little strange, as it happened in the middle of summer. Many commentators have attributed the incident to the antics of a UFO.

This giant hailstone is about two meters in diameter. Eyewitness video presented, confirming the unusual sight, and posted it on YouTube Thursday, July 21, 2011. Camoe amazing in this formation of snow and ice that is around him

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illuminati.org on December 7, 2011 foreshadows some events


10.11.11.Tuchi condensed. The closer we get to 2012, the more precursors are felt. On Earth grows volcanic, seismic activity, climate and natural disturbances also brought a lot of suffering poor inhabitants of planet Earth. But let's think about it, not at the hands of a man slipping on our shoulders all these troubles? HAARP in fact work!

And today I was sent a link above to the site with the promising title illuminati.org and this is where the fun begins, look to the naked eye, there is nothing interesting on the site do not see but a black screen,

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According to the Brazilian Army, November 26 decided to acquire self-propelled anti-aircraft Gepard German company KMW.   ZSU Gepard armed with 2 35 mm Oerlikon guns with an effective range of up to 5 km and fire control radar with a range of detection of air targets up to 20 km. Armored «Cheetahs» are designed to provide near-defense tank columns and troops on the battlefield. Highly mobile and effective air defense system designed to combat helicopters, UAVs and low-flying aircraft.   Brazilian army at the present time has 239 tanks Leopard 1A5, on the chassis were made ZSU «Cheetah»,

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UFO over Sweden December 2, 2011

December 4, 2011 22:46

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