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Snow Pad — an area for military personnel

"Snow Pad" — residential neighborhood in the city of Vladivostok for the Eastern Military District troops and other security forces and their families. Since 2010, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "with the Russian Special Construction" in "Snow honeydew" built 2,648 apartments with a total area of 172342 square meters, two kindergartens — "Tiger" and "Firefly", a comprehensive school for 825 pupils, children's clinic at 400 visits per day.

December 10, 2010 have been put into operation the first five ten-monolith-brick and prefabricated homes built for military personnel. All apartments are rented under a "key" — with

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Grimsvotn volcano eruption in Iceland

Grimsvotn volcano eruption in Iceland, Natural Disasters

This article presents 24 photos of the eruption of the volcano Grimsvotn May 21, 2011. Strong smoke, continued to dissipate over Iceland, Ireland and the UK for 4 days, forced the president of the United States to reduce the length of stay in Dublin and airlines to suspend tourist flights. The eruption of 2011 is the most powerful since 1873.

1) The plane flies over the clouds of smoke after the eruption of May 21, 2011.

2) The image was acquired by satellite Terra May 22, 2011. Clouds of smoke hung over Scotland

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Smartphones that support GLONASS

Sony Ericsson Mini Pro Nokia Lumia 800 Nokia Lumia 710 HTC Sensation XL HTC Desire HD HTC Rhyme HTC Bass HTC Titan HTC Flyer Huawei Ideos X5 PRO, sales in Russia since December 2011 Huawei Vision, from December 2011

and of course


On IPhone — stopudovo — Tests have confirmed. For the rest — it's Unofficial Information about this assumption, based in that all these devices for chipesete Qualcomm MSM8255, which supports GLONASS, and does it, as it should be transparent to the device. That is, the device and the software does not even know how it

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Pine Island glacier cracked

Pine Island glacier cracked Facts

In October 2011 the first flight over the island Pine in West Antarctica, researchers in the project IceBridge discovered a crack in the ice, which will cause the appearance of a new iceberg.

IceBridge — NASA, the purpose of which is to measure the thickness of the ice using laser radar and radar. Although the birth of icebergs not a rare phenomenon, the Pine Island Glacier is of particular interest to scientists. He is the most vulnerable point of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. Rate of reduction of the ice island Pine at 100 meters

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After the earthquake in March 2011 changed the status of water in the Japan Trench

May 30, 2013. A survey conducted by Japanese scientists found that the water in the Japan Trench was troubled by the earthquake that struck northeastern Japan in March 2011, according to NHK.

The researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology have used a special camera to explore the deep-water areas near the epicenter of the quake.

They found that even 4 months after the earthquake, sediments still circling above the bottom is about 110 kilometers south-east of the focal zone.

Usually the seabed at a depth of 7,000 meters calmer with weak currents. The researchers attribute the

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System integration — the largest sector of the IT services market in Russia

Of system integration for almost a third of the IT services market in Russia. This conclusion follows from the report Russia IT Services 2012-2016 Forecast and 2011 Analysis, illuminating the state of the Russian market of information and communication technologies and the development of predictive him for the next five years.

According to the report, the total amount of the IT service provider in Russia in 2011 increased by 27.2% and amounted to 5.94 billion dollars. Most — nearly 30% — came in system integration services. Strong demand was also observed for the services custom software development, as well as

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The sharp increase in the number of recorded earthquakes

Seismic chart showing the earthquake in Japan in 2011

At least for the last 12 years in 2011 — the only one that leads in the number of large earthquakes recorded.

The Irish Meteorological Service (weather service online — annotated. Interpreter) Using data from the U.S. National Geological Survey, conducted a study which showed that an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0-9.9 from 1 January to 19 June 2011 have already exceeded the total number of seismic events in 2001, 2002 and 2003 combined. Over the past 12 years, the total number of recorded earthquakes in 2011, is

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SIBUR. The results of 2012.

In 2012, gas processing plants (GPP) SIBUR, including members of the joint venture, "Yugragazpererabotka" increased the volume of associated petroleum gas (APG) on 3.8% compared to the year 2011 — to 18.7 billion cubic meters. meters of associated gas.

As a result, the GEA was produced 16.4 billion cubic meters. meters of natural gas, which is 3.6% exceeds the output of the previous year and produced 4.2 million tonnes of natural gas liquids (NGLs), which is 1.0% higher than a year earlier.

In 2012, natural gas sales volumes increased by SIBUR 15.6% compared to 2011

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Sibur plans to significantly increase production and capital investments in 2011

Moscow, 28.01.2011. In 2010, the company SIBUR produced 16.5 million tons of petrochemical products *, which is 6% higher than in 2009 (15.5 million tons). Release of dry gas (SOG) in 2010 amounted to 15.3 billion m3 at 14.8 billion m3 in 2009. ** Production of automobile tires has increased to 8.7 million units, up from 7.6 million units in 2009 (+14.4%).

The highest growth in the petrochemical segment recorded in the commodity business, as well as the production of monomers (+12.2%) and synthetic rubber (+27.7%). The decline in gasoline production stable gas (SNG) is associated

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An earthquake measuring 5.5 in eastern Turkey

An earthquake measuring 5.5 in eastern Turkey, Natural disasters

November 9, 2011, an earthquake measuring 5.5 in Van province and Erdzhish where previously there was a devastating earthquake measuring 7.2. The depth of the earthquake in the epicenter was five kilometers. City residents spent the night outside, fearing aftershocks after the main earthquake, which could lead to the collapse of dilapidated houses.

According to estimates by the earthquake October 23, 2011 hit about 2,900 houses heavily damaged 27,000 homes, half destroyed 41,000 homes. The number of victims at the moment is 604 people injured — 4152 people left without homes

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