Named the price of refined Indian Arjun tank

Board of defense procurement (DAC) of India approved the purchase of 124 main battle tank Arjun Mk.II, reports PIB. The estimated price of a car is 370 million rupees (8.03 million dollars). Create tanks will be carried out at the factory in the town of HVF Avadi of Tamil Nadu. As expected, the assembly of the first batch of Arjun Mk.II will end in 2015.

In July 2011 it became clear that the command of the Army of India situated on the order 248 tanks Arjun — 124 Arjun Mk.I and the same amount of Arjun Mk.II.

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Year, when the Earth was crazy

Planet Earth — home to seven billion people. But under our feet, its powerful force. Weather in the atmosphere is changing every minute. In 2011, the planet has gone mad. This was an unusual year. Severe earthquakes, a record number of tornadoes and devastating tsunami. Thousands of people died. Scientists try to explain what is happening. This is a story about the year 2011, when the Earth has gone mad.

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Domestic aircraft engine increases sales volumes

According to the president of the Association "Union of Aviation Engine" (ASSAD) Victor Chujko, domestic aircraft engine companies belonging to the Association, in 2011, increased sales by 16.3% in relation to 2010.

Sales growth of businesses that make up the "United Engine Building Corporation" (APC), was 10%. Victor Chujko highlighted the increase in sales of the Permian of "Aircraft Engine" by 80% — to 7.9 billion rubles. "The increase in sales was due to increased production of gas turbines for gas transmission and for power," — said V.Chuyko.

Separately, the head of the Association noted the successful

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Strange hum in Florida


Tornado-like sounds heard by locals

News service reports: "On Wednesday (09.03.2011), we(News channel WcTv.TV, — annotated. Translator)received many calls from residents who heard a strange sound, as if from a freight train. Residents feared that it was a tornado. But it is not. Perhaps it was a phenomenon called "duct" and in this regard, the National Weather Service in Tallahassee(Tallahassee — capital items. Florida — annotated. Translator)made a statement. "

"Tallahassee News": "On Wednesday night, we got a lot of calls, mostly from residents of the area from Woodville (Woodville) to Kroufordvilla (Crawfordville) of rumbling sounds, such

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From Morpheus to Knight


Options armored SAM 42S6 "Morpheus" with air defense radar, missile AFAR on the chassis and the car BAZ 70N6 with AESA radar with dome lens (History of Soviet radar. M., "Capital Encyclopedia", 2011).

The latest anti-aircraft missile system 42S6 "Morpheus" short-range plan to adopt in 2015. The journalists said Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko. Earlier Ashurbeyli Igor, who headed up the company in 2011, the developer "Morpheus" (lead system design bureau "Almaz-Antey") reported in an interview with RIA Novosti that the enacting of the complex is scheduled for 2013. The system of

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Published data on the demographics of the Russian Federation in September 2012

Russia's Demographic Statistics for September 2012 is available, and it is encouraging.September 2012 gave birth 155.869 against 158.052 in September 2011, the 1.4% decline in the birth rate (births less than 2,183 on), but the 144.390 deaths in 2012 against 153.898 deaths in September 2011, reducing the number of deaths by 6.2% (to 9,508 fewer deaths).September 2011 showed a population increase to 4,154 residents, in September 2012 the population growth of 11,479 residents.

Total for the first 9 months of the year:— It was 1,409,264 births, against 1,329,018 in 2011, ie 80,246 births in the "plus" (+ 6%).— Death became

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On the Libyan front is a radical change

Libya comes bad news, apparently Qaddafi position becomes more precarious. But it is not surprisingly, because he is one resists pressure from almost all of the West and a significant part of the global society. Thus, head British Foreign Office, William Hague urged the Libyan "rebels" urgently prepare a plan the post-war Libya. What prompted Haig read about urgency, because the Libyan regime previously showed amazing stamina?

Bad for Gaddafi signals

— International Criminal Tribunal (ICC) issued arrest warrants for Libya's Muammar Gaddafi's favorite, his son Saif al-Islam and the head of Libyan intelligence Abdullah al-Sanussi. This organization —

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Operational information on the progress of harvesting work in the Russian Federation

 According to the operative data of agricultural management entities of the Russian Federation as of August 29, 2013 grains and legumes threshed from the area of 24.7 million hectares, or 53.5% of the cultivated area (in 2012 it was 28.0 million hectares, 2011 — 23.4 million hectares). Gross yield was 59.9 million tons of grain (in 2012 — 53.8 million tons, in 2011 — 61.3 million tons). Yield of 24.3 t / ha (in 2012 — 19.2 c / ha, in 2011 — 26.2 c / ha).

Including wheat threshed from the area of 13.8 million

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Ltd. gyros will show at the 2011 gyros Helirussia Gyros-1 and 2 Gyros


Airports — Ltd. "gyros" (Zhukovsky) demonstrate at the IV Helirussia Helicopter Industry Exhibition 2011, which will be held May 19-21, gyros "Gyros-1" ("Farmer") and "Gyros-2" ("Huntsman"), said, "AviaPort" the chief designer of the company Valentin Ustinov.

Multi-purpose lightweight single gyro "Gyros-1" is in preparation for flight tests. Installed on the machine piston gasoline engine Subaru EZ 30 200 HP and a two-bladed rotor firm Sportcopter. Fuel consumption is 15-16 kg per 100 km. Range with commercial load of 110 kg is 380 km. In front of the cockpit is the cargo bay measuring 0.5 x 0.6

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Omsk region are production of building materials rose by 35.7%

Ceramic brick production Omsk

According Omskstata, in 2011, the largest increase in production of selected industrial products, over 60% achieved in the production of reinforced concrete structures. Release of ceramic bricks and tiles has increased by 16%. Significantly increased the production of asphalt concrete and mortars. The index of industrial production growth in the construction industry was 35.7% compared with 2010. As reported by the regional Ministry of Construction, the increase in production of building materials due to the intensive development of rural housing, the implementation of programs for the repair of roads, landscaping, repairs

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