For modernization Terekalmaz send 4 million euros

The largest in the Terek region industrial enterprise of "Terekalmaz" increasing its production activities.

Finally overcome the crisis, characterized by a sharp downturn in 2009, the results of the financial and economic activity. Over the past 2 years the factory gradually regained its position in the market, sales of diamond tools and not only regained its customers, but also long-term relationships with new customers.

The volume of output in 2011 now made in terms of money 569 million rubles., Which is 123.5% compared with 2010.

The plant has implemented the program to diversify production: up enterprises for processing

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On the deposit of gold Albazino (Khabarovsk Krai) is running concentrator

April 4, 2011 JSC "Polymetal" announced the launch of the processing plant and the receipt of the first ore concentrate on Albazino (Amur region). Gold reserves at the field are estimated at 2.9 million ounces.

Running factories are part of a large-scale project "Albazino-Amur", implemented since 2008. The second step will be the launch of the Amur hydrometallurgical plant for processing received from Albazina ore concentrate to doré (gold bullion containing not less than 95%).

Plant equipment will be able to extract the metal from refractory sulfide ores (previously, this technology has not been used

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Chupacabra phenomenon — VIDEO

March 29, 2012 17:49

The phenomenon of "Chupacabra." Documentary Sumy journalists kriptozoologicheskoy Kosmopoisk expedition in Ukraine in autumn 2011.

A documentary film about the antics of Chupacabra in Sumy region called "Phenomenon Chupacabra" was filmed by TV journalists Sumy TV "Academ-TV" in the fall of 2011. On regional television premiere was featured January 29, 2012 (in repetition February 29). Finally, in late March, the film appeared on the Internet and available for viewing general readers.

What is a kriptozoologichesky object called "Chupacabra" and what it does in the Sumy region? TV reporters tried to find answers

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On the casting-forging factory Segal opened a new production

melting and casting workshop "Segal"

On the casting-forging factory "Segal" (Krasnoyarsk) opened a new production. The plant has commissioned a new set of automatic crimping force of 2100 tons.

The new equipment will allow the company to increase production of aluminum profiles for 20% and extend the range of molded products by 40%, create 113 new jobs and increase tax revenues to the consolidated budget of the region in the second half of 2011 to 8,000,000 rubles.

Casting and Pressing Factory "Segal" — Is a part of SIAL, one of Russia's largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers of system

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New tsunami passed through Japan after a series of earthquakes

Two powerful earthquakes of magnitude 6.7 occurred on 23 June 2011. 1:50 MSK about 88 km from the Japanese city of Hachinohe on the island of Honshu. The two tremors was not more than a minute. It is reported Assosiated Press.

Hearth quake at a depth of 32 kilometers off the island of Honshu. Earthquakes have generated a tsunami that reached the northern coast of the country, but the wave height does not exceed 50 cm Information on No damages.

Recall, March 11, 2011. Japan's 9.0 magnitude earthquake. Tremors and the subsequent tsunami devastated the infrastructure of the north-east of

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Space Shuttle Discovery push off retirement

At night February 25, 2011 from Cape Canaveral launched shuttle "Discovery". Space shuttle launch in November 2010, a couple of times postponed due to technical problems or due to weather conditions. This flight to "Discovery" last. Closes the program from NASA Space Shuttle.

So Makar, in connection with the closing of the above utilities that remained the only method of delivery of cargo and astronauts into orbit gallakticheskuyu — is Russian "Soyuz".

Start "Discovery" on gallakticheskuyu orbit planned in November last year, the same year he was installed on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral Spaceport. Together

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In the Kuban sugar factory Freedom set a new record

In Labinsk sugar factory "Freedom" (part of the agro-holding "Kuban") has finished the processing of beet harvest in 2011.


In the 2011 season the team sugar factory "Freedom" was able to process 575,628 tons of raw materials, turning it into 76,759 tons of sugar.

"Close to the current volume of feed fed to the plant only once in its entire history of more than half a century: in 1989 was recycled 521,000 tons of sweet root vegetables. Then the lion's share of beet delivered cars from the central regions of Russia. Today it is

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Strange UFO over Russia. Miass — 23.12.2011

December 24, 2011 3:29

What sits LEGEND Russia? About Leonid Khabarova

Why are the real criminals on the loose? Where is your conscience? Where is your mind? Where's your will? Russian people …

Leonid Khabarov

The film — a tribute to immense respect for the individual and the officer with a capital letter. Colonel Leonid Khabarov. 56 DSHB legendary commander, the first commandant of the Afghan Salang Pass, head of the institute of military-technical education and safety UFU (1991 — 2010), all his life and health is devoted to his homeland. In July 2011, an honorary citizen of Ekaterinburg, the Chevalier of the Order of the Red Banner, the

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Two videos UFO over Madrid December 11, 2011

December 16, 2011 23:05

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