Khrushchev’s dream come true: the Russian Federation — exporter of corn

The efforts of the main breeder of all time, Russia and the former Soviet Union, were not in vain. Corn in Russia from strange plants turns into a significant export commodity. In December of 2011. Agricultural organizations have implemented the RF 784.5 thousand tons of corn. This record amount of nearly three times the results of December 2010. and almost a factor of 2 — Results December 2009

In the Central Black Earth in terms of the corn was in the lead Kursk region, its farmers have sold in December, more than 14 times more

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Japanese capital predicting a devastating earthquake

A team of scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Seismology, University (Japan) came to the conclusion that in the next four years in Japan could happen in the history of the strongest earthquake epicenter and could become the Japanese capital Tokyo. A harbinger of the coming earthquake is the increase in seismic activity in the area of the capital of the Rising Sun, which occurred after the Great East Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011. Specialists note that in recent years the frequency of earthquakes in the area has increased substantially. This was last week told media citing

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New photos launcher promising air defense missile system of medium-range «Hero», for the first time demonstrated the general public on June 19 at the site of «GOZ Obukhov plant» (St. Petersburg, the company enters into the JSC «Concern PVO» Almaz-Antey «) . Progress of the project OCD project AAMS «Hero» were opened in 2007, after a demonstration of the Defense Russian Federation (RF Ministry of Defense) current standard medium-range SAM KM-SAM made for delivery to South Korea to win GSKB «Almaz-Antey» International Tenders. In 2011, tests were conducted missile 9M100 and 9M96, both were considered bad start due to failure

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The external debt of Belarus for the I quarter increased by 11%

Society The total external debt of Belarus on April 1, 2011 amounted to 31.711 billion U.S. dollars. In the first three months of debt increased by 11.3%.

As increased external debt in 2010

table.tableizer-table {border: 1px solid # CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;}. tableizer-table td {padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid # ccc;}. tableizer-table th {background-color: # 767E87; color: # FFF; font-weight: bold;} Quarter How much increased debt,% IV 11.4% III 10.5% II 4.2% I 0.8%

On January 1, 2011and total external debt amounted to 28.49 billion U.S. dollars (52.2% of GDP). It increased during the 2010

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MSU ranked among the best universities in the world

Moscow State University named after MV University hit the reputation rating Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. The list, which is the application of British magazine Times — Times Higher Education — together with the agency Thomson Reuters, includes 100 universities in the world with the best reputation. +interview 

Lomonosov Moscow State University took 50th place ranking, sitting between the University of Sydney and the University of Purdue (USA). In the first place was Harvard. The second line took the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the third place went to Cambridge, and on the fourth

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Russian mechanical engineering. Preliminary results of the year


According to the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, in January-September 2011, the index of production machinery and equipment amounted to 112% compared to January-September 2010, electrical, electronic and optical products — 105.8%, vehicles and equipment — 129.6 percent. According to the results of January-September 2011 the index of industrial production machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry to January-September 2010 amounted to 135.3 percent. In January-September 2011 tractors for agriculture and forestry produced 10.6 thousand., 2.4 times more than in January-September 2010, crawler tractors — 1215 pcs. (An increase compared to January-September 2010 by 2.6 times). Increased production

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Marsh success in Krasnoyarsk.

Krasnoyarsk branch of the Trade Union of Russian citizens held the 1st of May is special Marsh success. We took part in a May Day demonstration on Prospekt Mira. The procession passed flags and posters. It was the first action of our local offices. Despite the pouring rain and chilly wind, all the tasks have been fulfilled. The guys showed a high degree of organization, discipline and efficiency. In spite of everything, the first attempt, was not a lump!

Were distributed about 400 leaflets listing the achievements of Russia, and given an interview to Ren TV. Overall, the event was

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Marsh success

November 1, 2011 NGO Citizens' Union Russia launches campaign "March of success." On the first day of each month we will be giving away in busy areas of Russian cities leaflets with information about the most significant achievements of our country. New factories, scientific discoveries, built roads, homes and hospitals. In short everything that is positive, what is really happening in the country.

Most of the Russian media deliberately sowing despair and hopelessness. Because controlled from abroad. "Backward" Raska ", from which you want to" cut "anywhere — here is the thesis that we routinely implanted. Thus, they educate

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UFO over Jakarta December 11, 2011

December 12, 2011 0:35

Social networks in Belarus: Facts and Figures

Society for last year the number of Internet users has increased by 500 thousands of people. Experts J'Son & Partners Consulting said that in the years 2010-2014. Belarusian audience of social networks will increase by 25-27% annually.

These RG media and BigFish Consulting Facebakers the beginning 2011a.

The survey registered in Lithuania Independent Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Studies:

On March 2011 in Belarus, there were 3.54 million internet users. For last year this figure rose to 500,000.

In ByNet there are 70,000 sites.

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