Results of 2011: Rosatom


1. In 2011, energy was implemented starting block number 4 of the Kalinin nuclear power plant with pressurized water reactors of the VVER-1000 with capacity of 1000 megawatts. 2. In 2011, the Russian nuclear specialists have carried out overseas nuclear power start "Busher" in Iran, the experimental fast reactor CEFR and gas centrifuge plant in China. 3. Rosatom almost doubled the number of contracts for the construction of nuclear power plants abroad: agreements on the construction of 21 new power unit. 4. In 2011 JSC "TENEX" signed new contracts significantly strengthened its position in the international market

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Pіdsumki 2011 roku: Harkіvsky Elektrovazhmash zbіlshiv obsyag virobnitstva 30%

Obsyag virobnitstva DP "Factory" Elektrovazhmash "(Karachi) in 2011 r. Sklave 1 billion 118 million UAH. (The 2010 p. — Blizko 850 mln.). About Tse povіdomiv Vidanov patron Director s virobnitstva plant Felіks Kіrnіchny. Yogo for words, "Elektrovazhmash" put zavdannya in 2012 p. viyti on obsyag virobnitstva 1.8 milliard. Zamovlen at pіdpriєmstva dostatno for dosyagnennya tsієї methylation. Yak zaznachiv F. Kіrnіchny, obsyag virobnitstva rozpodіlyaєtsya priblizno navpіl mіzh elektrotyagovі obladnannyam for lokomotivіv that elektrogeneratorami for elektrostantsіy (thermal, gіdro i-atomic). Blizko 90% produktsії pіdpriєmstva vіdpravlyaєtsya across the border. We chislі porіvnyano novih napryamkіv plant — virobnitstvo dvigunіv for vagonіv subway. Їh

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YANOS commissioned a catalytic cracking gasoline hydrotreating


Yaroslavl, 29.12.2011.

Company — Slavneft Investment in the project — 5.22 billion rubles. The production capacity — 800 thousand tons per year

December 28 "Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" has commissioned a new manufacturing facility — a hydrotreating gasoline catalytic cracking capacity of 800,000 tons per year. The unit is designed to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline while maintaining its high octane number.

From 1 January 2012 all gasoline in OAO "Slavneft-YANOS" will be produced in accordance with European standards, not lower than Euro-4.

The installation consists of nine interconnected blocks: five key (selective hydrogenation, fractionation,

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Results of 2011: Space

Frankly speaking, the anniversary in 2011 — the year of the Russian space industry — for the Russian space turned out to be the most savory.


4 accident vehicle — it is a lot, but still Phobos-Grunt stuck in Earth’s …


Over the past years, we have the worst, perhaps, was only in 1996, when 24 of our launches RN — 4 have been accidental. Then, by the way, is also an ambitious Mars AMC-96 did not want to fly to Mars …

When compared with our main partners, space-competitors,

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Tver Carriage Works summed up the year

OAO "Tver Carriage Works’ (part of ZAO" Transmashholding ") has completed action on a contract with JSC" Federal Passenger Company ", which is the main customer of JSC" SEZ ". In the framework of the 2011 produced a total of 443 passenger cars. Photo

Most of the order of 2011 — 380 units — Second-class carriages were nekupeynye model 61-4447, with the status of the social.




Along with them, the customer sent 26 compartment staff cars of model 61-4445,




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The absolute record Azovmash


PJSC "Azovmash" successfully completed in 2011, setting all-time record for the production of freight cars. For the first time in more than half a century, the company produced 16,429 freight cars.


Achieving outstanding results Mariupol machine builders made possible by the implementation of the development strategy put forward by the President of PJSC "Azovmash" People’s Deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Savchuk. Modernization of production aimed at the creation of a full cycle of manufacturing of freight wagons in Mariupol engineering industry, machine builders allow effective work constantly to increase its production, manufacture equipment and

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In 2011, production of finished steel reached pre-crisis levels


In 2011, the level of production of finished rolled steel in Russia is estimated at about 59.3 million tonnes That is an increase over 2010 of 2.2%. Production of rolled almost reached the level of 2007 (59.6 million tonnes) — 99.5%. This low rate of growth of production in the past year compared to 2010 with an increase in domestic consumption by 25.9% due to a high rate of growth of imports (20%), mainly from Asia and the Pacific (+43%). Compared with 2007, domestic consumption in 2011 increased by 8.6% (40.3 million tons against 37.1 million tons).

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Agricultural exports exceeded imports by seven times


Exports of agricultural products in Ukraine in 2011 exceeded imports by seven times. This is a prime example of what an agricultural sector in Ukraine out of the crisis and returned to the extremely high dynamics increase their capacity. Decreased by 40% and imports of meat products increased by 60% its Export. In addition, according to the official, in 2011, Ukraine exported 13 million tons of grain, particularly maize twice against 2010.

Dneproshina resumed production


JSC "Dneproshina" (Dnepropetrovsk), the second-largest tire plant in Ukraine, December 26, 2011 resumed production activities after almost a year of inactivity, the press service of the company. "According to the agreement with the" Dneproshina "German consulting firm TTC Gmbh is working on the development and improvement of the quality of the product mix of the plant. In particular, the consulting firm will develop 19 new models of passenger car tires. Prepare for the production and 28 new agricultural tire sizes, "- said in a statement.

In the future, the company plans to acquire two assembly machines

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All bus will come to us

Following the trend of recent years, 2011 was marked by this "great migration" of international corporations in Russia bus. All companies that already have their own production in the country, announced the expansion of capacity, others began to build factories or purchase assets. And only the fate of the holding company "Sibur — Russian Tyres" and was not solved in the past year. Photo

Constantly expanding its presence in the Russian Finnish Nokian Tyres, which is one of the first foreign tire manufacturers (in 2005) started production in Russia. In 2011 at its plant in Vsevolozhsk company successfully

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