The development of technology CIP (Ecopan) in Ukraine

Since 2011 and in Ukraine build the case.Ukraine's first 48 flats of 3 storey house on SIP technology is put into operation in December 2011. Affordable Housing

Ukrainian TV "Kiev" took off a full-scale film about SIP technology. In the plots of the film can be seen as the houses are built, as Vulture glued panels, how the equipment is manufactured equipment, and more. Interesting interview panel members vulture market of Ukraine and Russia. 

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The development of the Krasnoyarsk Railway

In 2011, the development of infrastructure Krasnoyarsk Railways invested 11 billion rubles., Which is 2 times higher than the investments of the past year


In 2011, at the Krasnoyarsk Railway upgraded 267 km of track, which is aimed at the majority of annual investments — 5,000,000,000 rubles. Significant funds (1.4 billion rubles). Went to update a contact network, communication systems, automation and remote control. At 11 stations KrasnZhD installed 20 energy-efficient lighting systems. Intelligent lighting systems with energy-saving technologies installed on railway bridges. Built super-modern boiler room at the station Abakumovka where innovative technology applied catalysis,

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Radioastron ready for interferometric observations!


Continues at an estimated flight orbit Russian space observatory with Spektr-R radio telescope that performs research mission of the program Radioastron (LPI). Successfully tested in the ranges of most short wave radio — 6 and 1.35 cm in the end of October 2011 for the first time carried out astronomical observations, digitization, transmission, decoding and recording the signal in a fashion identical to the interferometer. The results of data processing carried out by the Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute, showed a successful outcome, confirming the readiness of outer shoulder Radioastron to the first interferometric testing.

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Flooding claimed 10 lives in Brazil. Photo. Video


Flooding in Brazil, July 2011

21.07.11.V Brazil raging water element. Because of the floods, inundating the country, has already killed ten people, more than thirteen thousand Brazilians were left homeless.

Cause of the disaster — seasonal rains that hit almost always arid areas of north-eastern Brazil. Worst of all had to the state of Pernambuco and Paraíba — came here from the coast most of the rivers in the mountainous parts of these areas — many landslides and avalanches.

The flood in 26 cities across the country entered a state of emergency. Badly damaged city of Recife a

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Putin will launch Lada Largus

Today in Togliatti Vladimir Putin "bless" the launch of series production of the new model of AvtoVAZ (together with the alliance Renault-Nissan) — Lada Largus. The prototype of this versatile high capacity became Renault Logan MCV. However, it had to be adapted by the Russian roads and gasoline, as well as to protect the body from further corrosion.

Vladimir Putin, according to the established tradition, will start mass production of a new model of AvtoVAZ. This time it will be a Lada Largus. Lada Largus will be presented to the passenger (seven-and five-seat station wagon) and cargo (wagon) variants. Home

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Video compilation of disasters


At Tyumen region tornado hit

12.06.11.Na Tyumen area tornado hit, the epicenter of which was in the village Bardyuzhe. No one was injured, but the element has caused serious damage. In the vortex of air hit fences, roofs and pets.

Tornado began in the center of the village, above the lake. He was about 500 meters, blew roofs, fences and greenhouses. Most affected municipal property: school roof blown off completely on campus claimed substation. People are, in principle, not affected, because they were warned in advance.


Floods in Romania destroyed much of the crop

12.06.11.V by

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Cataclysm ‘video


Uploaded KanalPIK, Date: 17/06/2011

Uploaded KanalPIK, Date: 17/06/2011

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Uploaded StormChasing31region, date: 16.06.2011

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Consequences of rains in Cherkassy. Photo. Video


photo — Cherkasky forum/MAXIMUM2

29.06.11.Segodnya, June 29, due to heavy rains flooded several streets in Cherkassy. In some areas of the city paralyzed traffic. Authorities may declare a state of emergency in the city. This morning, most people in the South-Western district is not able to reach the city center. Buses and trolley buses did not move neither one way or the other.

Most problem areas formed on the street Konev in the southwestern area, and near the railway station. In addition, as the first deputy mayor of Cherkasy Victor Bezzubenko, burst sewer at the intersection of Prospect

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In the Amur region in March 2011 of a possible earthquake


9.03.11.Kak we know, in the Amur region in March 2011 of a possible earthquake. The most dangerous area is north of the Amur region. In the north of the Amur region, Yakutia, and the north-east Trans-Baikal region remains high seismic activity.

However, there may earthquakes on the adjacent territory of China (PRC), which can lead to fluctuations in the Earth's crust in the border areas of the Amur region. Small shocks can achieve and Blagoveshchensk. As we explained in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Amur region, this earthquake is not expected, it simply

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In Sochi, an earthquake measuring 3.0


9.01.11.Zemletryasenie force three on the Richter scale occurred in the evening of January 8 Sochi, tremors were recorded at 22:55, the epicenter was located near the city.

"This is an ordinary earthquake. Such minor tremors occur frequently, they are almost tangible. And the earthquakes that people do not feel there are in Sochi several times a week "- said" Max portal "head seismic station" Sochi "Helen Karpovich.

"This is normal, there is a relaxation of the earth. The Caucasus Mountains are very young, growing up, often shifting the plates, "- said E. Karpovich.

According to the European

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