On a flying near Earth asteroid, a series of earthquakes occur

February 15, 2013. Asteroid 2012 DA14, which today will be flown at a record close distance from the Earth, most likely, will feel the seismic surge in connection with the hit of the gravitational field of the planet. This space has a diameter to 45 m, rate of 7.8 km / s. The maximum distance at which it is able to come closer to the Earth, will be only 27,000 km, making it the champion among all before overflying the asteroid to avoid a collision.

Moscow time point of minimal distance asteroid reach at 23:20 on February 15.

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In North Korea's severe drought

In North Korea's severe drought Natural Disasters

North Korea is going through a long period of widespread drought. Authorities fear that the food crisis will worsen in the impoverished areas of the communist country.

If unusually dry weather will last until the end of the month, according to experts, in May 2012 can be attributed to the very hot for the last 50 years in the coastal regions of western North Korea. Central news bureau warns of a possible worsening of the situation. Combat drought in the country can only be compared to the race on time, all

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Solar flares class X 1.1. Video


5.03.12.Ploschad sunspot activity is almost four times the size of the disk of the Earth. Of greatest interest is a new group of sunspots in 1429, which has a complex magnetic configuration of the "beta-gamma" and had enormous energy.

From the first hours of its appearance on the visible part of the Sun (March 2) observatory fixed M-class event that triggered a wave of ionization in Earth's atmosphere. In view of these facts in the NASA increased the likelihood of M-class flares and 60%, X-class — up to 15%. The confirmation of this prediction was an explosion

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In the region near Tokyo discontinued water

In the region near Tokyo discontinued water Facts

May 20 to tens of thousands of families in the regions near Tokyo in 2012 was discontinued water supply after during internal audits in it were found substances that cause cancer.

City authorities Noda, located 30 kilometers from the center of Tokyo, reported that the water supply has been stopped much of the city. In the neighboring city of Kashiwa is similar. The total number of families have been left without water in Chiba Prefecture (where both cities are located) to reach 210,000. According to the national

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17.08.12.Gibel fish in Myrtle Beach, USA. Video


Posted on 08/17/2012 by user WPDENewsChannel15

August 19, 2012. Large specimens of dead fish and stingrays were found on the beach in Myrtle Beach — coastal resort town in the county Gorrie, South Carolina, USA.

"I've lived here 20 years and have never seen anything like this … the ocean seemed dead this morning," said one local resident.

Source: Finalnyus

The unusual heat wave in India

The unusual heat wave in India, Weather and Climate

At least four people died as a result of abnormally hot weather, established in the last few days in the north-eastern Indian state of Odishi. In areas of Bolangir, Angouleme, Jaipur and Subanapur were missing one resident after the temperature exceeded 46 ° C, which is 7.6 degrees above normal. This month, the number of victims in the country is steadily approaching the ten. In April, the heat died Hindu. From unofficial sources report that from diseases associated with the sultry weather in northeast India killing about 40 people. The absolute

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Video of the relationship which involved policy with, Nibiru, climate change and the Roswell UFO crash.

In Russia, an air-raid alarm after a mysterious sandstorm in Germany

At one of the special meetings on the "proiskhodimyh disasters", which was attended by the Prime Minister and of Russia Vladimir Putin, it was announced that our planet Earth is attacked by unidentified objects, asteroids orbiting the planet.

Defense system was quickly brought into action to protect against space objects.

According to the statement made at the meeting, because of the strange activity of gamma-rays, literally bombard the earth.

This is

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28.07.12.Zamor fish on the river Setun. Video


Updated August 4

Environmental disaster in Moscow: in the river Setun dying fish

29.07.12.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river Setun in Moscow. About this in his blog on the service online diaries writes journalist, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia Natalia Makeev. According to her, ecological disaster, she witnessed July 29, 2012, takes place in the Western Division of the Russian capital in the nature reserve "Setun River Valley." The blog also posted photos from the scene.

"The river is dying. A few hours later I watched as the fish dies. This happens around the

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Danger of flooding in Bulgaria

Danger of flooding in Bulgaria Danger Zone

Balkans covered rains brought by the Mediterranean cyclone. The central and southern part of Bulgaria on the verge of flooding, a few days ago in its nine regions was declared a "yellow" code of danger. With the increased rainfall code red danger announced in the Maritsa River near the town of Harmanli. Code orange danger remains relevant for settlement Parvomay and Svilengrad and to Plovdiv.

Warned of the possibility of flooding and riverbank residents Sazliyka and Tundja (hazard code "yellow"), and the southern regions of Bulgaria. In the mountainous parts of

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Arizona is on fire: Photo

Arizona is on fire: Photo Natural Disasters

The fires, which began in the state of Arizona, USA, a few days ago, continue to destroy forests mountainous state.

Raging fire in the lowlands of the mountains of Arizona, May 15, 2012.

Fire along the ridge. May 6, 2012.

Aerial view of the area on fire.

Air tanker is preparing to go to quench the fire, dubbed "Gladiator."

Panoramic view of the fire "Gladiator."

The morning team meeting fire-fighting "Gladiator."

A view of the fire from

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