Drying and flooding Brazil photofact

Drying and flooding Brazil photofact Weather and Climate

At the time, the whole Brazilian Amazon is on the verge of recognizing the state of emergency caused by the floods, the north-east of the country is experiencing hard water shortages because of the very serious for the last 30 years of drought.

1. A local woman carries a container of water taken from nearly dry well near the commune Fumaka in Maracas, Bahia, northeastern Brazil. May 5, 2012.

2. Horse from a drying dam. Brazil, Bahia. May 5, 2012.

3. Livestock crosses the street in

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Indonesian floods again no casualties

Indonesian floods again without victims of natural disasters

May 9, 2012 floodwaters filled volcanic residues, flooded the city in the east of Indonesia, resulting in four people were killed (including 9-year-old boy). According to official figures, 10 people were missing and 15 were injured.

According to the National Emergency Management Agency, 11 villages have been inundated by flood waters in the province of North Maluku in the adjacent areas of the city of Ternate. After a strong nightly showers of volcanic flood ravaged village at 2 am. More than 280 people, or 58 families were evacuated to government

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In Britain, again flooding

In Britain, again flooding Natural Disasters

Heavy rain again be held in the southern and central England and Wales. In addition, in the north of England and Scotland, rain can cause severe flooding.

According to forecasts, in Cumbria and southern Scotland to the May 11, 2012 should fall about 60 millimeters of rain. In other regions are expected from 20 to 40 millimeters of rain. Population warning of possible floods. MeteoGroup also said that as soon as the situation improves. Rain will bypass a few cities in the south of Manchester. The storm has already passed through the

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Russian videoconferencing reached the Australian gold

In a completely uncharacteristic for domestic suppliers of the region — Australia — Russia's gold miners are the video conferencing. Developers VCS expects that in 2012 one-fifth of their revenue form the projects abroad.

Australian mining company Paddington Gold extended until the end of 2012 the licenses of the software, and technical support contracts with Russian developer of video conferencing systems TrueConf (formerly "VideoPort"). According to CNews Director of Marketing Lev Yakupov, we are talking about a small video server licensing in the local corporate network, allowing at the same time to communicate from 9 meeting rooms.


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The Russian army will change masks

In 2012, the armed forces of Russia will do combined arms filtering respirators are the next generation, according to "Interfax-AVN" Head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC), Major General Eugene Starks.

"Right now developed and tested a new all-arms-filtering respirators, which we called" Air ". It is expected that in 2012 it will begin to enter the army, "- said General Starks.

According to him, the new mask will come first in mobile brigades and battalions NBC, and then will gradually flow into other formations and units of the Russian army.

Eugene Starks said that

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In Kashmir intensified attacks of cold weather

January 9, 2013. In the area of Kashmir under the control of India increased significantly strengthened cold and frost. Icy winds blowing from the north, led to a lowering of the temperature down to zero or below. Record night temperature in Srinagar was -4,9 ° C, in the area of Leh air cools to -14,2 ° C, and in Kargil it was colder still at 2.2 degrees. Weather will remain so dry and cold for about two days.

The city Drass, the second coldest recognized settlement in the world, the thermometer dropped to -27 ° C. All the

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Another batch of Mi-35M entered the Army Air Corps air base of the Southern Military Area

Another batch of Mi-35M under defense contracts entered the Army Air Corps air base of the Southern Military Area, stationed in the Krasnodar region, said the press service of the Southern Military District.

In the spring 2012 flight crews, the air base had been trained to manage this type of helicopter factory in Rostov-on-Don, and then in the center of combat deployment and retraining of pilots of army aviation in the town of Torzhok Tver region.

At the current time for newly arrived machines maintenance work carried out. In late August, the new machines will rise up into the

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Superluna been so superior?

Superluna been so superior? It is interesting

Australians were upset when the sky was overcast with clouds, from 5 to 6 May, as it did not allow them to enjoy superlunoy. Much they have lost? Expected full moon was bigger and brighter than usual, because it coincides with the spacecraft perigee — the point at which the moon was as close to the Earth. However, many fans of the moon did not see a strong difference between the full moon and superlunoy. It was only 10-14% more than usual. In this long time astrologers and the media fueled the interest

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It's time to say goodbye to La Niña

It's time to say goodbye to the La Niña weather and climate

The assurances of forecasters, atmospheric phenomenon La Niña, prevailed on the earth for about two years, leaving the exhausted by drought and hurricanes ground. La Niña — is the opposite of El Niño and is influenced by the cooling water in the central Pacific Ocean. The greatest effect of La Niña occurs in the winter, when even in the tropics has been a significant cooling.

The impact of La Niña on climate began to subside and moved to a neutral phase in April 2012, particularly in

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Russia will start selling Lada Granta

Today Lada dealers across the country begin selling a new budget car Lada Granta. Almost all the cars made in 2011, will be directed to those who had pre-order online granta.lada.ru and sign an official agreement with the dealer. As previously reported by AvtoVAZ, in spite of the fact that applications for Lada Granta was filed about 20,000, the real buyers of about 10 thousand. The fact that some of the applications has not been confirmed by the preliminary contract and revoked according to the procedure of order.

 Photo source:autostat.ru

All ordered cars Lada Granta, consumers will in certain

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