Mexican volcano activity Popokatepetel concern: photo

Mexican volcano activity Popokatepetel concern: photo Facts

Popokatepetel volcano was given third of the 7 levels of anxiety. For prolonged activity will be declared mandatory evacuation from adjacent areas.

Molten rock, ash and smoke thrown volcano April 20, 2012, are seen in the central state of Puebla. Hot gases and rocks scattered over a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

Rising smoke and ash forced the government to start preparing evacuation routes and shelters in case of a major eruption.

Popokatepetel throws rocks with hot ashes.

Eruption Popokatepetelya April 18, 2012, recorded from San Andres.

Smoke, rises from the crater of the

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Robotehnichesky Festival

IV All-Russian Robotics The festival "RoboFest — 2012" will be held from 5 to 7 April 2012 , in Moscow on universal sports arena "Aquarium".

Robotics competitions, presentations, games and entertainment, the curriculum, workshops for students and young professionals.

At the Festival will run interactive and exhibition spaces for guests

All this and more at venues RoboFesta!

Entrance to the Festival free.


Bare Colorado can threaten drought

Bare Colorado drought could threaten Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that the Front Range in Colorado got a decent amount of snow at the end of this winter, the amount of precipitation is still too small compared to the norm, and approximately 52%. Such indicators fully meet the situation in March 2012, which was exceptionally dry and snow-free. This did not happen in 2002, a year of severe drought in the western U.S..

As of April 1, 2012 fullness watershed staff was above average, which is 108% of normal for this time of year. Despite these high numbers, said

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Simferopol Reservoir, where water disappears?. Video


Posted on 30/11/2012 by user Chernomorcka

The deficit is, but no problems. In reservoirs Simferopol low population density. But the water reserves will last for 3-4 months. This was announced by Mayor Victor Ageev. Soothe simferopoltsev and environmentalists. True, there is a call to save. Where and why water is gone?

Posted on 04/12/2012 by user Chernomorcka

Wash quickly, drink a little, valves close tightly. While Crimeans call control water consumption, in the Council of Ministers to think about where to find it. Maria will continue Kravchuk.

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Residents of Mexico in anticipation of a major eruption Popokatepetelya

Residents of Mexico in anticipation of a major eruption Popokatepetelya Danger Zone

For several days, the Mexican volcano Popocatepetl continued to spew smoke and ash, which could be seen at a considerable distance interval. Residents of the surrounding towns and villages have reported a roaring noise that can be heard at a distance of 50 kilometers, near Mexico City. In the small town of Puebla, located about 12 kilometers from the crater, in addition to the sound always felt a strong vibration.

Since April 16, 2012, local authorities announced a yellow alert level, expanding the radius of safe area covered

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Shiveluch volcano spews ash to 9.5 km away

Shiveluch volcano spews ash at a distance 9.5 km Natural hazards

Russian Shiveluch volcano 3283 meters high, located in the north of the country, April 17, 2012 on the ashes thrown away 9.5 miles high. During the increased activity of the volcano, which began in May 2009 and continues to this day, regularly occurred ash emissions between 3 to 10 miles high. As the official representative of the Institute of Volcanology, a column of ash ejected, looming to the east, visible at a distance of 40 kilometers. It is believed that in 2012, the most powerful eruption.

According to scientists,

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Olympic stadiums threatened drying

Olympic stadiums threatened dry weather and climate

For the first time in the history of Britain in connection with the ongoing drought water companies are prohibited from artificial watering football stadiums, cricket and golf courses, and other natural playgrounds. Such a ban could be the reason why the four sports field of ten, prepared for the summer Olympic Games, to be completely unsuitable for competition.

Sunset at the Olympic Stadium next to the tower Orbit at the Olympic Park in east London.

The irony of this situation is that, in anticipation of the Olympic Games in 2012 in Britain, declared

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Can whales predict a tsunami?

Can whales predict a tsunami? It is interesting

Can whales predict tsunamis before to know people? When a tsunami warning was announced in Indonesia and Sri Lanka, April 11, 2012, watching the sea noticed that all cetaceans from large blue whales to dolphins rapidly disappeared.

British photographer and film, Andrew Sutton, take a picture of April 11, 2012 in the south of Sri Lanka, said that he and his team were surprised how quickly the whales disappeared from sight. No one on board was not aware of the earthquake, but the animals seem to feel the underwater seismic activity, and

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Earthquake 6.7 points near Chile

Earthquake 6.7 points near Chile Natural Disasters

A strong earthquake shook the 6.7 points the central regions of Chile almost midnight April 16, 2012, forcing the government to announce a mandatory evacuation of coastal areas. Tremors were felt for a minute in Santiago and Valparaiso. Hundreds of people in the capital hurried to leave the house. Evidence of serious damage were reported, but in the port city of Valparaiso, died of a heart attack 72-year-old man.

According Geological Surveying and Mapping U.S. earthquake was awarded 6.5 points force, which was later refined to 6.7 points. The epicenter was located 42

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Restoration Novosiltsevskoy battery in Vladivostok

By the APEC Summit 2012, held in Vladivostok, in this city, in addition to all other megastroek suddenly restoration was carried out one of the sites of the former Vladivostok Fortress — Novosiltsevskoy coastal battery (battery number 375) on the island of Russian (EOD Peninsula, Cape Novosilskogo).

Novosiltsevskaya vedena coastal battery was commissioned in 1888, originally as a temporary wood and earthen battery with 152-mm guns on the sleeper cell. In the years 1889-1890 on it were built guardhouse and sheltered powder magazines. In the years 1892-1983 the captain IA Yuschenkovym drafted Novosiltsevskoy battery in a concrete form,

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