Australian city of Khobar declared a disaster

Australian city of Khobar declared a disaster Natural Disasters

As a result of severe flooding throughout the state of New South Wales March 20, 2012 Khobar City, Jerilderie and Kuinbian were declared emergency Affairs Minister Michael Galacherom area of natural disasters.

"Many residents of New South Wales through the tough times, and this statement should help entrepreneurs, manufacturers of raw materials and people faster on his feet. This is because the ad zone accidents involves an appeal to one of the programs of assistance and the implementation of recovery due to natural disasters, "- said the Minister.

Floods in 2012

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Wall Calendar 2012 Fuck. Photo


All kinds of fucked up on the cover

As is known, in 2012 come to an end. In the calendar, "Fuck" every month to have a doomsday scenario — for every taste. Twelve different illustrators invented ways to destroy humanity and embodied his plan in his style. Calendar "Fuck" — the best gift for the New Year. "Fuck" will be alive every day in 2012, he was never thrown out, he will never lose in price. Calendar "Fuck" will decorate any wall in the office and at home — chilling picture of the apocalypse are made in the

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Drought in southwest China: photo

Drought in southwest China: photo Weather and Climate

For three agonizing dry years in southwest China's Yunnan province of 3.2 million people and 1.65 million livestock had hard water shortages. In general, the province of incredible drought affected 7.9 million people and 676,650 hectares of agricultural land in 125 constituencies. Relief in many places changed beyond recognition, causing enormous damage to flora and fauna of the region.

1. A local resident walks along the dry bottom of the reservoir Ksinba in Shilin County of Yunnan Province in southwest China. 22/03/2012.

2. Dead clam shell at the bottom of the former

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Mystic fire from the ground in Qinya. Video. Photo


Photo from:

4.05.12.Mnogo people gathered to see the flames and smoke mysteriously appeared out of the hole dug by a local in the village of Adi Touray Qinya in the island of Sri Lanka today, May 4, 2012.

Farouk Abdel Kader lives near the bridge was digging a pit for rubbish near his home and saw the smoke first and then open fire coming out of the ground. No explanation for this occasion he went to the police. Events place was surrounded by police and military to maintain order.

Translation: the time factor

Source: Ada Derana

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Earthquake in Anapa — the first in 2012


30.01.12.V Anapa happened first in 2012 earthquake. As described in the seismological station of Anapa, the epicenter of the quake was in the south-west under a layer of sea water.

The magnitude of the January "push" was about three points, 10 class. The earthquake occurred at 21:56 and lasted for about 4 seconds, and then stopped, and tremors are not repeated. Anapa duty specialist seismic noted that the accident risk is not represented.

Recall that in October and November were also recorded earthquakes with magnitude up to 3.3 points.


Space rocket Proton-M. Launch Date — February 14, 2012 23:36:37 MSK.

Removal of a space rocket "Proton-M" with the spacecraft "NSS-14" Baikonur Cosmodrome. Launch Date — February 14, 2012 23:36:37 MSK. Shootings Space Agency (TO KC "Southern")

Earthquake in Kislovodsk


Pyatigorsk. February 1. Interfax-South — On the border of Kabardino-Balkaria and the Stavropol region on Wednesday morning were recorded tremors around 4 points, the agency "Interfax-South" in the laboratory seismic monitoring Kavminvod Geophysical Service RAS.

"The epicenter of the earthquake was near the village of Kichmalka in Kabardino-Balkaria. There, at 8:28 MSK tremors were felt up to 4 points. On KMV in Kislovodsk (Stavropol Territory) shocks were 3-3.5 points "- said the laboratory.

According to him, no damage was not.

Source: Interfax-South

1.02.12.Primerno at 8:30 in Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory, an earthquake measuring 3.7 points. These seismographs. To record on

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In school, the fingerprint in Moscow and Vladimir. Video


In the schools of Moscow will be allowed on fingerprints

Uploaded NSlavaK, date: 22.02.2012

Vladimir started experiment "Safe School". Now, to get to class, students must be fingerprinted. Absent from classes is almost impossible to get out of the building, also need to be tested. And all the data on the movements of pupils, as well as information about its performance, instantly appear on a special website for parents.

Uploaded NSlavaK, date: 22.02.2012

Biometrics in Krasnoyarsk colony, Spot the Difference

BioSmart system identifies the fingerprint prisoners in Krasnoyarsk colony. Daily mark of

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Cracks in the ground after the earthquake in Tuva. Photo


Cracks in the ground after weathering, s.Sizim r.Tyva 2012

14.05.12.Eti cracks were found villagers Sizim after the snow, near the airport, about 2 km. west of the village. In the photo on the right is seen derailed about 500 meters to the river Sizim. The width of the large crack 45 cm

Alexander Saryg-Sep

Source: SAYAN +

Cracks in the ground after weathering, s.Sizim r.Tyva 2012

Cracks in the ground after weathering, s.Sizim r.Tyva 2012

Tornado in the Netherlands. Video


26.04.12.Nebolshoy tornado was captured on video in the Netherlands. Vortex developed on cultivated lands south-east Netherlands, near the German border. Although the video is not clearly visible funnel, you can trace the dark edges of the clouds, confirming that it was not just a dust storm.

Meteorological observations from nearby settlements near the town of Maastricht recorded violent storm during the tornado. Temperature and dew point indicators — key performance indicators in predicting the weather — was relatively low, so the incident event was proposed to classify the cloud sleeve.

Tornadoes not frequent Europe but rarely takes place.

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