Rains and hurricanes in the United States. Video


25.01.12.Na American Texas hit the strongest in the last months heavy rains. Hardest flooded the state capital — Austin and San Antonio and Dallas.

There is almost completely paralyzed traffic on the roads, in places the water level rose so high that under it was not only the machine, but the road signs. The international airport of Dallas canceled dozens of flights. In some areas, rainfall accompanied by squally winds that tore roofs off houses, felled trees and power lines. Several hundred homes were left without electricity and heat.

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The size of Russian gold reserves moved the mark of 1,000 tons

Monetary gold reserves in Russia's international reserves rose in July compared with June, by 0.6% to 32.2 million ounces (1,001.5 metric tons), according to the materials of the Bank of Russia.

The value of gold in reserves rose by 10.6% to 42.63 billion dollars from 38.547 billion dollars on July 1. The proportion of gold in international reserves rose to 8.3% from 7.5%.

For 2012 growth stock of monetary gold in Russia's international reserves amounted to 8.5% to 30.8 million ounces from 28.4 million ounces. The value of gold in reserves rose by 14.2% to

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Swept over the United States a powerful tornado. Video


29.02.12.Nad several U.S. states powerful tornado swept through. In Kansas, Illinois, Missouri and dozens of homes in ruins. According to the latest data, killed thirteen people.

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High seismic activity in Costa Rica

December 31, 2012. According to the Costa Rican Volcanology and Seismology Observatory (OVSICORI), After a magnitude 7.6 earthquake that occurred on September 5 2012 year, the country recorded the highest level of seismic activity, which they saw in the last 62.

Strongest earthquake in the history of Costa Rica took place in 1950 in Nicoya (Nicoya), a magnitude of 7.8, and then 2012 earthquake that struck the same area of 7.6 points.

After earthquake on September 5th OVSICORI reported 75 earthquakes that were felt residents for 4 months after the main seismic event.

2010 reported a total of 6,245

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Photos from the winter season 2012-2013

A series of intense snowfall in Central Russia. Moscow, November 28, 2012 © Sergei Karpukhin | Reuters

February 28, 2013. Photos from the major weather events of the season 2012-2013, in chronological order.

Analysis of debris in the United States after the impact of Hurricane "Sandy". © Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Cold blizzard in St. Petersburg, Nov. 30 2012 city © Alexander Demianchuk | Reuters

Snow beginning of winter in Europe. Sofia, December 3, 2012 © Stoyan Nenov | Reuters

A series of snow storms in Ukraine. Kyiv, December

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Airborne reconnaissance units equipped with new UAV

The first batch of new complexes of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) short range came to equip airborne intelligence units in the second half of 2011.

In 2012, the Marines had started development of new technology, in the intelligence units of the planned study conducted calculations UAV systems.

Entered into service Airborne UAV systems — development of domestic producers (group of companies ZALA AERO), they are easy to use and does not require extensive training of personnel. The main requirement for candidates for appointment to the post of calculations UAV is at the level of

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Over New Zealand flying meteor. Video


The site WeatherWatch been many reports of glowing ball that seen in the sky at about 6:30 pm. Nelson resident described it as "incredible" green, orange and white ball flying past the "Super" speed, leaving a massive trail that lasted about 10 minutes before dissipating. A resident of Hanmer Springs, said they heard "a loud boom" for about two minutes after he swept past.

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Radio-electronic industry Russia increased by 12.4% in 2012

Published formal solutions expanded meeting business leaders REP held March 27, 2013 Decision signed by the Director of the Department of Radio Electronic Industry AS Yakunin.


In 2012. corporate electronic industry (REP) was able to maintain the positive trend in the financial and economic activity.

The expected results of 2012, the total volume of commodity products produced by enterprises and organizations of electronic industry, grew by 12.4% compared to the year 2011, including: the amount of special purpose grew by 12.5%, and civilian — 11 9%. The share

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Secret meaning of the Olympic Games in London 2012. Video


This video describes the occult symbolism in the Olympic medals in London 2012. The new world order worship Lucifer (Satan). Imagine every piece of the puzzle has a different meaning. Now, if you add two pieces of the puzzle together, they form different images and meanings, as well as individual components having different story and meaning. And so on, this applies to all other parts, until you have a complete picture. Complete mystery brings a different image and a different meaning.

This is a subliminal language layers of meaning to each other. This is the language that they

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Earthquake in Tyva


An earthquake measuring 7.5 points occurred in Tyva

6.06.12.Po preliminary data, the victims and survivors of the population do not.

The earthquake occurred about 19 pm MSK, 70 kilometers north-east of the village Saryg-Sepa Kaa-Khem district.

— The intensity of shaking at the epicenter reached 7.5 points on a scale MSK-64, — reported in the MOE ruspubliki. — Information on casualties or damage were reported. Critical infrastructure are operating normally.

Rescuers warned that tonight may be aftershocks.

Irina Desyatnichenko Source: Life News Online

06.06.12. At 22.10 on June 6 2012. in the territory of the Republic of Tuva

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