Launched the fourth Rook for Russian Navy

In April 2013, on "Zelenodolsk Plant named after AM Gorky "the launching of the fourth in a series of anti-sabotage boat project 21980" Rook "(serial number 984)

The head of the project launch


Boat project 21980 "Rook" designed to combat the subversive and terrorist forces and resources in the waters of team sites and near the approaches to them, and also to assist the Border Service of the Russian Federation in solving the problems of protection and the protection of the state border of Russia. The project is designed boats Nizhny Novgorod "Vympel".

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Gay legions and politics

After the 2012 presidential elections in the U.S. The New York Times reported that among homosexuals America winner in this election he defeated his rival by a margin of 3:1, and "it was enough to win the scale of the nation." Perhaps this should not be surprising, given how rapidly the number of "gay" in the United States: according to the service of Gallup, in the age group over 65 years of homosexuals claim 1.9% of Americans in the group from 30 to 49 — 3 , 2%, and among youth 18 to 29 — is 6.4%.

The Gay

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Americans drink no less than Russian

Statistics debunked the myth that Russian drink more than anyone else in the world. According to U.S. research agency Impact Databank, selling hard liquor in the United States in 2012 amounted to 226 million given that almost twice as much as in Russia. Given that the U.S. population is also two times greater than Russia, we can say that the Americans are drinking as much and Russian. In this case, the most popular drink in the two countries is vodka.

The market for spirits in the U.S. is growing for several years. In 2012, the demand for alcoholic beverages

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In the U.S., it's summer

In the U.S., it's summer weather and climate

From east of the Rockies to the northern regions of the United States of Canada established abnormally warm weather, more like the beginning of the summer, rather than in the middle of spring. On March 1, 2052 set national records of temperatures, and forecasters suspect that they will be much more.

Weather anomalies in February 2012.

In Europe and Asia this winter was surprisingly cold and snow, the resulting killing about 650 people. Australia has also been marked by record low temperatures, which has not happened since 1990. In the U.S., by

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Especially for the high-speed train depot built in Kharkov

Repair and equipping depot maintenance inter-speed trains: the production of «Huyndai» and «KVSZ", and in the future «SKODA» is located in Kharkov. At present, construction of the depot Forces Southern Railway hearse. Large-scale reconstruction began in 2010.

The new depot located on the site of the old, a new building was erected practically brand new high-tech complex with its own internal infrastructure. Who carried out construction work on the reconstruction of the roof of the building repair and outfit depot, installing modern equipment of the new boiler, installation of vacuum sewer systems, steel structures

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Australian cyclone Lua dissipated, and a new cyclone formed

Australian cyclone Lua dissipated, and a new cyclone formed Natural Disasters

Tropical cyclone Lua reached the shores of Port Hedland, Western Australia, bringing with it heavy rains and destructive hurricane wind. March 17, 2012 Lua cleared, and a new tropical cyclone began to gain momentum. Warning of an impending cyclone was announced in Queensland.

Lua walked with rain and hurricane-force winds on a relatively sparsely populated area (although most Western Australians live in the south, where the cyclone hit.) Floods occur throughout the state, even in places where you would normally arid, desert like Gibson and Great Sandy Desert. Even

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Haze over Southeast Asia

Haze over Southeast Asia Facts

Northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, part covered by a dense veil of fog and haze due to large-scale agricultural and forest fire in March 2012, fueled prior to planting. Concentration of dust particles in the air has risen to a level that is considered dangerous.

The number of particles in Thailand twice the safe rate — 120 micrograms per cubic meter. Pollution Control Department, said that in most provinces after heavy rains on 11-12 March 2012 number of small suspended particles PM10 fell below levels considered dangerous. Before the rains occurred on the northern region

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Tropical cyclone intensified Lua

Tropical cyclone intensified Lua Natural Disasters

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, a tropical cyclone Lua, won the second category, beginning March 15, 2012 was located 790 kilometers north-west Australian port Hedlend, West Australia, and moved at a speed of four miles an hour to the north. According to preliminary calculations, the meteorologists, the cyclone will always grow, approaching coastal areas from Cape Leveque to Mardi.

Tropical cyclone Lua formed March 13, 2012 in the north of Western Australia. As a minimum volume, it was characterized by the maximum speed of wind gusts of 65 miles per hour. Even

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Saving Private teeth. Protection of Russian citizens abroad

8 July 2012 twenty-five Moscow programmer Dmitry teeth employee of our company, "Ashmanov and partners", was arrested in the arrivals hall at the airport of Paphos in Cyprus. The reason for the arrest was a charge of U.S. authorities for hacking network attacks on U.S. internet services Amazon, Ebay and others allegedly committed from the territory of the Russian Federation in 2008-2009. After nine months he spent in prison, Cyprus, Dmitry Zubakha was to solve the Cyprus court extradited to Russia.


We now have so many questions about how and what happened, what the

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Solar activity is dangerous for the Summer Olympic Games

Solar activity is dangerous for the Summer Olympic Games Facts

Olympic Games may be adversely affected by possible new solar flares during the current year, British physicist Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey. Scientists believe that these outbreaks are the events associated with the theory of "Black Swan," which may or may not happen, but if happens, have extraordinary impact on humanity and the planet. This is how you can describe what happened a year ago in Japan, tsunami that killed 16,000 people and provoke leakage of radiation.

Solar activity in 2012 has already shown its power when down

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