Severstal-hardware made the ropes for the National Stadium in Warsaw

The group of companies "Severstal-hardware" (included in the division "Severstal Russian Steel") developed technical solutions and manufactured steel ropes suspended roof of the large facility, which was built in Poland for Euro 2012 — Warsaw National Stadium *, which will be held tomorrow, the first football match.

Warsaw stadium, which will host the first match of Euro 2012

The National Stadium has a unique roof, built on the principle of spoke wheels. Its main part is a membrane structure of 72 elements, supported by radial supporting ropes, and completely covers the stands, and the internal retractable roof is located

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Fool is …?

— "In good, in Russia as in the right and not an irresponsible owner Arctic is necessary to select and pass under international jurisdiction like Antarctica, with a total ban on economic and military activities," — said Professor HSE Sergei Medvedev.

— "Idiot …" — said the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Sergei Medvedev


Address: 125319, Moscow, Kochnovsky avenue, 3, room 618 Phone: +7 (495) 152-11-91 E-mail:

Education and degrees

Ph.D.: Institute of Europe, 1995, specialty 07.00.00 "History of science and

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Latvian calendar for 2012

In Riga bookstores selling calendar for 2012. It sweeps away the people from the shelves! The queues are …













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Every fifth Briton takes money to buy food

Research has shown that because of the rising cost of living every fifth Briton takes money to buy food.

One in four said that he had to spend the savings to purchase food and other essential goods, and 19 per cent because of this go into debt.

Another 10 percent may well imagine that in the future they will have to borrow money for food.

Conducted by consumer group Which? survey showed that only 43 percent of consumers believe that they can survive on their income, and 36 percent admitted that they it is difficult, the number of such

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Earthquake in eastern Siberia

Earthquake in eastern Siberia Natural Disasters

December 27, 2011 in eastern Siberia had occurred 6.5 earthquake with an epicenter 120 kilometers from the capital of Tuva Kyzyl, which resulted in the design of the individual buildings weakened. After this, the region has been a steady medium-strength shocks, and February 26, 2012 in this area at a depth of 15 kilometers, an earthquake measuring 6.8. Tremors were felt residents of Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Tuva, Buryatia and Khakassia, as well as the largest Sayano-Shushkeskoy plant in Russia. The epicenter was 100 kilometers from Kyzyl, on the border with Mongolia. No

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Gulf of Mexico: Letter to the Management Committee on Claims Against BP

Silence. Indifference. Hiding. Oblivion. False. Bribery. Threat. And here is another open letter, which — as well as other — Is likely to remain unanswered U.S. authorities. Almost two years after the start of the accident on a floating drilling platform "Dipuote Horizon" in the history of this greatest man-made ecological disaster and planned international media have almost no recall — none of it, nor of those who suffered and continues to suffer from its effects. We hear reports of a deferral of court hearings so the eight alleged billions of dollars that BP promises to pay back the

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Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska

Unusually cold temperatures in Alaska Weather and Climate

Residents of Fairbanks, Alaska, to endure the most extreme cold in the last 10 years. January 29, 2012 International Airport was recorded temperature -51 degree Celsius. At this time, the temperature usually does not drop below 16 degrees. Record low is -60 degrees in 1933. Perhaps this record would be broken if it were not dense ice fog.

Since 1999, this is the second time the temperature reaches or exceeds -50 degrees. In January of this year for 2 weeks the temperature was between -40 degrees Celsius. Prolonged cold in Fairbanks, close

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Cyclone Funso not retreating

Cyclone Funso not retreating Natural Disasters

Fig. 1. Cyclone Funso

Tropical Cyclone Funso formed in the Mozambique Channel and was fifth in the Indian Ocean cyclone season in 2012. Medley evolving and moving to the south, to the end of January, Funso has gained strength, and now the wind speed it reaches 224 km / h

Joining forces with a zone of low pressure Dando, the cyclone caused heavy downpours in the south-eastern part of Africa and Madagascar, which have provoked floods and overflowing rivers Incomati and Moven. Maputo residents are deprived of the main source of drinking water because

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Asteroid 2012 BX34 very close

Asteroid 2012 BX34 very close Facts

January 27 at a distance of about 60,000 km from the Earth, which is 0.2 the way to the moon, fly open two days ago, asteroid 2012 BX34. According to the Minor Planet Center, in the middle of the day (15:30 UTC) amateur astronomers can observe flying asteroid, the brightness of which is 14 magnitudes and equals the brightness of Pluto.

According to recent data, the rate of 2012 BX34 size of a bus up to 8900 km / s. The trajectory of the flight is clearly defined and lies closer to the Earth's

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More than 5,000 engineers improved their skills under the presidential program

The press conference took stock of the Presidential Programme training of engineers in 2012

In 2012, 5209 people were trained on Presidential professional development program of the engineering staff for 2012-2014. Of these, 1,255 persons interned in Russia and 472 — abroad. These data led the Director of the National Training Foundation Sergei Kovalenko held on February 20, RIA "Novosti" press conference on the results of the first year of the program.

Engineering specialists working in enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, automotive and many other industries, were enrolled in 161 selected for the competition

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