In the local power grid Danilov field activated the second modular GPP

The company "Energotekh" put into operation the second module of GPP for the needs of the Danilov field (the owner of the license area — "Irkutsk Oil Company").

Recall that the second unit was delivered to the field at the end of 2012. At the same time began and commissioning, which ended in the spring of 2013 the inclusion of the second phase of the GPP into the local power grid Danilov field.

The basis of the modular unit is a gas powered generator set Waukesha 5904 GSI (U.S.) capacity of 900 kW. Fuel for

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Imagine a watch online

Imagine for yourself. (19.10.2013)

The most high-profile Russian sin; The disaster at Chernobyl. Is it possible to fall in love with radiation?; Mystery of Dyatlov Pass; People are substitutes and how to distinguish them from the man?; Dangerous animal is grateful for the salvation of man;

Imagine for yourself. (26.10.2013)

Came out of the coma and learned that was in an accident; Mind-boggling story of the miracle of healing; Deadly terrible extreme and its consequences; How to survive after a meeting with the pirates; Ugly as they transform into the queen.

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Truth Is Out There (Issues 41 — 45) Watch online

"One day in the spring, at the hour unbelievably hot sunset in Moscow Patriarch's Ponds, there were two citizens …". At one point, the actress Natalia Krachkovskaja Lysenkova told Alex that after starring in the movie "Master and Margaret"She fell down on the problem. Natalia L. very worried and feared, but still dared to tell the crew applets" But somewhere near "about their own concerns.

Issue 41 I am going to live 160 years (26.08.2013)

Issue 42 Thunderbolt. Magic? (27.08.2013)

Issue 43 Photos for life (28.08.2013)

Issue 44 Master and Margaret.

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In Crimea, gathered twice as much grape

Small grain harvest in the ARC compensate fruits, melons and berries. After a good harvest of melons and peaches come grapes. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of the ARC, the 2013 grape harvest in the Republic of reach 100-110 tons per hectare. More known experts of department "NewsUkraine"Economic publication"Market Leader. "



The Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Polyushkin ARC says that projected harvest of grapes is almost two times more than in the past. Then it was equal to 60,000 tons. Before last winter was very

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Psychics detectives (5 — 7 editions) watch online

— In a large city in broad day or disappeared under mysterious circumstances father and offspring. After a number of days found the dead boy, and his father was arrested. Six months later, a man hanged himself in custody, but his relatives do not believe the blame …

— A mysterious disease that has not been able to overcome the conventional medicine. Andrey Zinchenko even imagine for myself could not imagine that in his life time will come when he will not know what to do. With his offspring Maxim suddenly befallen languid and magical illness. It

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Psychics detectives (1 — 4 issues) watch online

At the base of the project — a real investigation and shocking stories about how psychics help the police to conduct an investigation. Each issue involves two programs from psychics, but they do not compete, and help each other. Along with a couple of psychics investigation leading criminologist Professor. Together they would restore justice! Holidays at the seaside ended in a terrible disaster for the 6-year-old boy and his mother. The baby was gone in a matter of seconds. My mother to this day is not aware of how it happened. Who took the life of her only son?

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UFO active worldwide

Several reports were received from different parts of the world.

UFO active worldwide

All flights were recorded at different times of the winter season, but the network only released in late January, early February 2013. Mexico

In the skies over Mexico was seen just eight UFOs. Video taken January 26, 2013, and the network is laid out on January 31.

First, by roller Miguel Aguila took UFO over flock of seagulls. Seemed very much like the shape of objects on the silhouette of this bird. But then, looking closer, Miguel said that "seagull" moving too synchronously and not

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Star-1.2 releases to watch online

"Anastasia goes to a convent!", "Stas Mikhailov gold Rider," "Nikita Dzhigurda ventured to plastic surgery!" — The sonorous title of the tabloids in one show! What comes to mind yellowish press either by the stars on the way to a resounding Internet fame, "Star-"With pleasure embody life. And the news is the unreality, the merrier is the show.

Star- 1 issue 24/08 /2013

Catching the star, they signed up for the verdict itself: now no privacy! You asked, "Where did he go? '. Are you happy that it's gone from the screen? You finally begin

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In Kostroma region modernize Hothouse Vysokovsky

JSC "Sunhouse" Vysokovsky "was founded in 1982. It employs more than 350 people. The area is 12 hectares of greenhouses. In 2012, the total harvest of vegetables amounted to 4.5 million tons. In 2013 it is planned to raise up to 5.3 tonnes of vegetables. The plant's products are in demand and in demand in the Kostroma region and beyond.

Is modernizing and building new greenhouses. Last year was put into operation on energy intensive greenhouse 2.4 hectares with double "shading". Savings coolants up to 30%. Yields produced tomato was 55 kg / sq. m Total cost

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Next year will be a year of CIS environmental culture

Next The year 2013 will be the year in the CIS environmental culture and the environment, the head of the CIS Executive Committee Sergei Lebedev reporters in Minsk on Tuesday.

According to him, "this topic is defined priority for cooperation of the Commonwealth in 2013."

Summit of the CIS will be held on December 5 in the Turkmen capital, Ashgabat. The day before, on December 4, there will be a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Commonwealth.

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