In the region of Tatarstan Zelenodol’sk earned meat processing shop

January 25, 2013 the opening of a new manufacturing plant for processing of meat cattle and pigs CJSC "Avangard" Zelenodolsky district.

Production capacity of 2 tonnes of finished products per day. The shop will produce sausages only from natural ingredients, without the use of substitutes of vegetable or animal origin, soy, starch.

It is expected that there will be produced more than 20 kinds of sausages. The company plans in 2013 to produce 500 tons of products. In addition, opening workshop will create new jobs — all plan to employ about 20 people. At present,

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Housing issue 2013 (10 films) watch online

Housing Question (Live 11.05.2013) Designer Catherine Grachev devote his mess all families, which passed a serious school of survival in malometrazhkah with 2 malehankih kids. Bedroom apartment in the newest Maxim Mironov Eugene and it will make a perfect world for two.

Housing Problem (Live 18.05.2013) Heroes alteration, musicians Alexander and Lyudmila Panyukov, live in a typical apartment. But Helen and Michael miroshkina create for them quite typical, mental and geometrically meaningful interior, in which virtually no straight lines and angles, and apply a new finish, an unusual and very peaceful nature of the material.

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Housing issue 2013 (8 films) watch online

Housing Problem (ether 20.07.2013) Base alterations — French classics with wall panels, cornices, plinths and cabinets conventional forms. But these set designers put such a lovely story of the late 60's — 70's, narrated as if it were to Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, but not in Paris, and the capital of the Stalinist five-story building.

Housing Problem (ether 27.07.2013) Received after 14 years of long-awaited apartment queue, Ira and Stanislav Vovk immediately started repairing. For three years, they almost all failed, and the only thing they do not like now — it's child's sons.

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In Juliani came the Italian low-fire

On June 1, 2013 from the International Airport, Kiev starts regular flights between Catania-Kiev Italian low-cost airline Air One, which is a subsidiary of Alitalia.

The fleet of Air One consists of Airbus-320 and has a capacity quire boards from 165 to 180 seats.

Recall from the airport Kiev also flies to Italy company Wizz Air-Ukraine, Kiev flights to Venice Treviso, Kiev, Milan Bergamo.

Recall from the beginning of 2013 came to the airport Kiev Greek airline Aegean Airlines with directions Kiev Larnaca, Kiev-Athens. Existing airlines have opened new areas of Vilnius, Bratislava, Omsk,

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Alone with all watch online

Alone with everyone — it's a new talk show. Leading programs from Julia Menchov. We will talk about a variety of life stories of recognizable people, guests will open a discussion real current situation will give his assessment of the main characters actions of these events. The main characters are the stars of show business, politicians, athletes, artists, and art. In the hall give their opinion about the mundane dilemmas. In these conversations and discussions, and the truth is born, which in principle is not only to transfer the characters themselves, and for the viewers, because life is always

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Day care centers in Rostov-on-Don has appeared 500 new jobs

For 6 months in 2013 in the kindergartens of the city appeared 500 new seats.   City Hall continues to work to expand the system of pre-school educational institutions. In 2013, the city authorities intend to implement a program for the construction of kindergartens. For comparison, if in 2012 the network was extended to pre-school places in 1050, then in 2013, plans to create 2,540 new jobs.

As the press service of the Administration of Rostov, for example, in June, in the Leninsky district opened the city's first mobile kindergarten, capable of accommodating up to 80 kids

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Scientists warn: Armageddon 2 years! Millions will die!

Millions of people could die, and humanity can be dropped in the development of hundreds of years — all this only because of the effect of solar Carrington, who is expected to be in the world in 2013. Warned about the threat the Polish and American scientists. All agree on one thing: this deadly phenomenon. Modern people are simply dependent on electricity and electronics. Computers monitor nuclear power plants, defense and aircraft flights. Meanwhile, NASA scientists say that the sun enters a phase of intense activity. In May 2013, the Earth can reach deadly energy that will cause severe

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In Dagestan detained Syrian terrorist

In Dagestan arrested militant who fought in Syria. He returned to his homeland after got injured.

According to the republican Interior Ministry, a resident of the village Novosasitli Khasavyurt region from May to July 2013. was in Syria, where he took part in the hostilities on the side of the opposition.

After getting injured on July 19 2013. Suspect in transit through Turkey and Azerbaijan came back to the village Novosasitli, where he was treated.

Syrian state media have repeatedly reported on the destruction of mercenaries from the North Caucasus. According to the

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Ecologists define closed in 2013 for the development of areas in the Arctic

Environmentalists in 2013 to identify areas of the Russian Arctic, which must be closed for commercial development in order to protect marine mammals living there, the director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Igor Chestin.

"Our task is to take place in 2013 zoning of the Arctic. We close now processing the data that were collected in 2012 for the dissemination of marine mammals. Based on these data, we propose to introduce a formal zoning, including the definition of zones closed to some activities, "- said Chestin RIA Novosti.

Pechora and Kara seas

According to program manager for Environmental

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Allies (17 issues) watch online

Reconstruction of events, exclusive information and unique video — all in a military television magazine "allies". New items of military equipment, military routine, the fight against drug trafficking, emergencies, anti-terror, counter-intelligence work and law enforcement agencies throughout the country of the Commonwealth — for correspondents applets are no boundaries!

1st edition. Allies (efir_05.03.2013) In this issue: — to survive at any cost: hazing in the army of Kazakhstan — svehu I see everything: a report from the Test Center Gallakticheskih Troops — Snow White captivity: Rescuers Tajikistan expressed as assist a person who has fallen under an

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