Doha negotiations stalled

The Doha Round stalled Facts

The first week of the conference on climate change and extension of the Kyoto Protocol in Doha ended without making any significant decisions or revolutionary developments. Unfortunately, the country members could not reach consensus on the timing, the permissible values of the emissions, the deadline for implementing the new protocol and a number of other small nuances. EU countries insist Kyoto-2 worked for eight years, and sees no need to increase the already existing 20-percent rate of emissions for the year 2020 to 30 percent. Small island states more impressed period of 5 years. According

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Well done the Russians! — Bravo, Russian!

From the translator: translate the article itself did not, there is nothing interesting, comments — much more remarkable. In order to make clear what is at stake translated "summary" and put 3 photos from the article. Comments translated in part — some of the most high rating (rating listed next). A lot of the same type, like the one that passed in the header.

Spread-eagled against the wall and marched off single-file: How Russia deals with illegal immigrants

How Russia deals with illegal migrants

Summary of the article:

The police and

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Photos from. Flooding in Colorado

Black Hawk helicopter evacuates women from the flooded area in the vicinity of Jamestown, Colo., Sept. 17, 2013. (AP Photo / Denver Post, Joe Amon)

September 23, 2013. After prolonged heavy rains that caused severe floods over the past few decades, the sky over Colorado finally cleared up, and in the state of restoration work began. Tens of thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods. The main trouble is that only about 1 percent of Colorado residents have insured their home in case of flood. The authorities are preparing to evacuate residents of the

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The image of Russia in the modern Western press

For the period — from 5 May 2013 to 5 July 2013. Sources of the Western media, which were included in the sample circle: The New York Times The New York TimesLe Figaro, The Washington Times, Monde, El Pais, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, The New York Post, The Christian Science Monitor, Independent, Foreign Policy , Le Nouvel Observateur, Die Zeit, Il Sole 24 Ore.

The main aspects that we addressed in the Western press on the Russian theme (in articles published during the period from 05.05.2013 on 05.07.2013): the political and economic situation

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In the Northern Hemisphere, the season of noctilucent clouds

Estonia, May 25, 2013 © Silvar Mehik |

May 26, 2013. Normally, noctilucent clouds appear gaze romantic night from June 10 to July 5. However, nature is infinitely varied in its forms and do not always comply with calendar dates.

Noctilucent clouds — this is a very thin high clouds that form in the mesosphere at altitudes of 70 to 90 km and are observed in the summer in the middle latitudes between 43 ° and 60 °. During the day they can not be seen, but at night when the sun goes below the horizon at

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Samara rocket engines on the U.S. Antares

In the United States held a successful launch of an American rocket "Antares" with Samara engines, the press service of the government.

The second successful launch rocket occurred on September 18 at 18.58 from the Baikonur "Mars" in Virginia.

Roughly 22 September missile approaches the ISS for practicing the process of docking. For the needs of long-duration expedition crew rocket takes 700 kg of cargo.

Recall is the second flight-test media created for the delivery of commercial cargo to the International Space Station. The first rocket launch "Antares" successfully held on

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Noctilucent clouds season is not going to end

Syktyvkar, Russia, July 17, 2013 © Pavel S |

July 20, 2013. Owing to the change of astronomical and atmospheric factors season of noctilucent clouds is nearing completion. Still glowing gossamer thin continues to delight his fans in different parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

At night, July 14 in the twilight of the Moscow sky once again appeared gently glowing clouds. Even those who previously had never seen such a phenomenon, immediately realized that this silver cloud.

Indeed, with silver clouds is difficult to make a mistake. Either they have it or not. Other — tropospheric

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Russia Today’s reopened after DDOS-attacks

Screen RT on

RT TV Channel in English has undergone the most powerful DDoS-attack since the founding of the site. Work of the resource managed to recover only 6 hours after the attack, according to officials of the channel.

A well-planned DDoS-attack began in the afternoon on February 17. Server channel RT simultaneously received numerous requests, connections, making access was blocked to other users. Restore the resource was only a 22-00 Moscow time.

Responsibility for costly network attack so far no one has not taken over, but, given the considerable technical preparations

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Results of Polls

Make a list of your favorite movies (cartoons), which found it to be more

Russian (78%, 709 Votes) American (15%, 134 Votes) Do not know (3%, 30 Votes) European (3%, 25 Votes) Other (1%, 17 Votes)

Total votes: 912

Start Date: 18.09.2013 at 12:07 pmClosing time: Unlimited

In which country would you prefer to educate your child, provided that the funds allow?

Russia (79%, 979 Votes) England (7%, 90 Votes) Germany (5%, 62 Votes) USA (5%, 61 Votes) Another country (4%, 48 Votes) Do not know (3%, 39 Votes) France (0%, 9

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Ahead of schedule based integration and test building Zheleznogorsk

We continue to monitor the projects constructed in Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory). In February 2013 I Contributed news that the foundation was laid for the assembly and test facility to order of "" Information Satellite Systems "Reshetnev im.akademika."

Work carried out under contract "Reconstruction and modernization of buildings to create a site assembly and testing of large solar panels in order to improve the reliability and quality of the spacecraft system" GLONASS ".  

FSUE "GUSST number 9 at Spetsstroy Russia" began work in December 2012, after winning an open competition. The company's

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