GETTING military trials PAK FA

Company «Sukhoi» in 2013 will make the fifth most experienced fighter fifth generation Test Russian perspective aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) are in accordance with the schedule in the next year to begin troop tests, the president said the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan. According to him, at this point in the trial will accept your role 3 cars. Until the end of the year to test connect fourth plane, and in 2013 — the fifth. The 2013 schedule will begin with the general MoD tests PAK FA. In the implementation of programs from the creation of

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CHINA COMPLETES 2013 TWO major successes in military aviation

China completes 2013 2 large applets in military aviation — the start of serial production of J-10B fighters of Chengdu Aircraft Corporation and the first flight of the second layout languid transport plane of Y-20 Xian Aircraft Corporation, reports December 22. December first appeared in the web photo Chinese 2-J-10B fighter aircraft with tail number 101 and 103. In July 2013 the band appeared the picture of the assembly of the aircraft, which may indicate the beginning of mass production. First layout of the aircraft first appeared in March 2009. It is reported that the company has released over

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First Indian «Globemaster»

Not so long ago appeared on the Web first photo built for Air India languid military transport aircraft Boeing C-17 Globemaster III. In June 2011, India and the U.S. signed an agreement for the supply of 10 aircraft of this type, the issue of an additional batch of 6 vehicles. Deliveries should begin in June 2013 and completed in 2015.   Currently, eight states are the operators of the C-17 (USAF, Australia, Canada, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and England). U.S. Air Force ordered 224 aircraft (the creation of extended until 2013 in service as of 2007 nahodilosb

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Podmoskovny 121st Aircraft Repair Plant in 2013 modernizes the order of 12 Su-25 Su-25SM variant, said a source in the military-industrial complex.   «In 2012, the company was upgraded to 12 attack aircraft Su-25SM modification. Preparatory plans for 2013 provides for modernization of approximately the same amount of stormtroopers, «- said the agency interlocutor.   Answering the question whether it planned to resume lately creating Su-25SM at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, the spokesman noted that the plant at the present time one hundred percent loaded works for manufacture of helicopters. » Read because the timing reopening stormtroopers is premature, «-

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Indian Dream «AMCA acquires the final form

  Now Indian military resource published «exclusive» image promising Indian stealth fighter AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft). According to the resource, the development of the configuration of the new fighter is on the terminating stage. Scientists organization ADA images presented in Vimanapure fighter whose model in 1:08 scale should be presented at the next exhibition Aero India-2013, opening the following week (the time of 06.02.2013 — 10.02.2013). Some ability fighter will be shown as a «super-graphics.» AMCA developed as a middle-class fighter with 2 engines. «We have gained a certain level of maturity of the technology using the DRDO

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Russian Navy in 2013 to take part in its 36 new ships

Russian Navy in 2013 to accept own composition 36 new warships, boats and auxiliary vessels. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, the deputy commander of the Russian Navy, Vice Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov.   According to him, the delivery of the fleet of marine equipment in such an amount «indicates the revival of the Navy.» Middle of March 2013, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Russian Navy until 2020 a total difficulties replenished 78 ships: eight strategic nuclear submarine 16 multipurpose submarines 54 surface ships of different classes   By 2016 the fleet was planned to take 24 new

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Yayvinskaya power plant has tested gas APG

The branch "Smolensk SDPS" of "E.ON Russia" completed testing of pipelines under construction associated petroleum gas (APG).

Construction of the pipeline is part of a project to supply associated gas from the northern fields, LLC "LUKOIL-PERM" (100% subsidiary of OAO "LUKOIL") on Yaivinsky TPP. Implementation of the project — the next step in the framework of the oil companies on the orders of the Government to bring the level of APG utilization to 95%. The ceremony will start at the end of the pipeline in May 2013.   One of the key factors

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Russian junior team in football came in the 2013 European Championship final

Footballers Russian junior team (players born in 1996) won in a penalty shootout victory over their peers from Sweden in the semi-finals of the European Championship 2013 for players under 17 years old, held in Slovenia, and made our way to the final of the tournament.

The main meeting between the national teams of Russia and Sweden, held on Tuesday, finished with a score of 0-0, despite the fact that almost the entire second half Russian team played in the numerical majority — in the 48th minute of the second yellow card was Swedish midfielder Erdal Rakipi.

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EMSS get your order Urals Stampings

Ukrainian company PJSC "EMSS" (EMSS, enters the engineering division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) has entered into a transaction with OAO "Urals Stampings."

For the manufacturer of stamping production of special steels and alloys EMSS will produce large-sized Chabauty.


Chabauty — Full cast the large storage, designed to forge hammer. Under the deal goes blank ready for the customer in June-July 2013.

For "Urals Stampings" EMSS manufacture Chabauty, the mass of which would be 195.4 tons item will be a new champion among Chabauty, producing Energomashspetsstal, and it will be a full

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Power the Novosibirsk region in the I quarter increased electricity production

According to the operative data of the branch of JSC "UES", "Regional power grid dispatching the Novosibirsk region", the consumption of electricity in March 2013 was 1 468.8 million kW • h, which is 3.6% more than the volume of consumption in March 2012.

Electricity generation by power of the Novosibirsk region in March 2013 amounted to 1 404.0 million kW • h, which is 1.5% more than in March 2012.

The consumption of electricity in the regional grid in January — March 2013 amounted to 4 516.6 million kW •

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