American fiance 4 issues to watch

South american groom — Is a reality show in which the main characters will be four Yankees Russian origin. One of them, Alexander says that the main thing that the girl was a broad Russian soul. Alexei says his heart is open to the newest lady in his life. Anton looks for cost-conscious and loving husband. Sergey needed in life alone, but true man, with whom he was able to live happily and boldly look into the future. All four dreaming about love and family, but only with the girls from Russia. Host: Katya Zharkova

South American

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New standards of the corporation provided TechnoNIKOL 20-percent growth in 2012

The turnover of the corporation "TekhnoNIKOL" — Europe's largest manufacturer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing and insulation materials — at the end of 2012 rose by 20% to 60 billion rubles. Such figures have voiced March 27, 2013 at a press conference in Moscow, representatives of top management of the company.  

According to the published data, the total investment in the corporation "TechnoNIKOL" for the past year amounted to 3.5 billion rubles. A significant portion of these funds was allocated for the construction of a plant for the production of materials of stone wool in

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Marche Slav — 100 years

The address to mail the editors of "Military Review", sent

Known march "Farewell of Slav" heard everything. But not enough people know that the music was written by our countryman, composer and conductor Vasily military Agapkin. He was born on February 3, 1884 in the village of Shancherovo Ryazan province, Michael county in a poor farming family. Orphaned early. Grew up and studied music in a military brass band in Astrakhan served — in the Caucasus, in Tambov, where he graduated from the School of Music.

In 1912, when the first Balkan War (Slavic countries: Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and

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The best man (cont’d) watch online

Young people in love couples who are ready to compete for the prize exchange. To do this, first four ladies comfortably arranged at the table, the head of which sits the master, it offers them the tender, will be able to elect them or not, with whom they have linked their lives, to cope with the proposed assignment. To begin the assignment that couple that made the biggest white-headed duck. The successful execution of the job brings money into the household budget. Leading applets: Dmitry Haratyan and Catherine Skulkina.

The most perfect spouse 07.10.2013 The first channel

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Truth is out there (all series) watch online

Lasts series Test for psychics, and a mysterious guest programs from "True somewhere near" will be recognizable television personality and creator of the popular books on healing methods Gennady P. Malakhov. People's Doctor set very seriously and wants to throw in the program only the most worthy …

Natalia Krachkovskaja (02.10.2013)

Lena Hanga (04.10.2013)

Tatiana Vedeneyeva (07.10.2013)

Gennady Malakhov (08.10.2013)

either here all series

The truth somewhere near — a serial

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The new SAM system at the MAKS-2013

On opened in Zhukovsky, Moscow Aerospace samlone next MAKS-2013 "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "for the first time introduced a new anti-aircraft missile sistemusredney-range S-350" Hero ", which uses a series of missiles 9M96. Complex is set to" export "under the guise of the index of the C- 350E.

Another interesting exhibit, presented "Almaz-Antey", became anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2KM" in a modular design in the form of autonomous combat module 9M331MK-1 on the chassis of the Indian car Tata 8×8.


Self-propelled launcher 50P6E S-350E "Hero" with 12 anti-aircraft guided missiles 9M96E2 exposure to the air show

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New aircraft engines

One of the leading Russian manufacturer of aircraft engines, JSC "Klimov" December 18 finishes testing a new engine for the carrier-based aircraft — a new aircraft engine RD-33MK — and starts to test the latest domestic engine for combat helicopters VK-2500, said on Monday the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin .

December 18th the company will be awarded the act of state test bench RD-33MK jet, which will be installed on the domestic carrier-based aircraft.

Speaking of engines for helicopters, Deputy Prime Minister said that the launch of the program will in 2013 issue 50 such engines to be installed

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Doha negotiations stalled

The first week of the conference on climate change and extension of the Kyoto Protocol in Doha ended without making any significant decisions or revolutionary developments. Unfortunately, the country members could not reach consensus on the timing, the permissible values of the emissions, the deadline for implementing the new protocol and a number of other small nuances. EU countries insist Kyoto-2 worked for eight years, and sees no need to increase the already existing 20-percent rate of emissions for the year 2020 to 30 percent. Small island states more impressed period of 5 years. According to them, this is how

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UN talks on climate change in 2013 is likely to be held in Warsaw

Meeting of States Parties of the Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2013, likely to take place in Warsaw, Poland — the country will take climate talks for the second time in six years, told the representative of the Directorate of EU climate and a member of the European delegation at the negotiations in Doha Artur Runge-Metzger.

Negotiations the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in 1994, the Presidency of the conference are selected according to the principle of geographical rotation. In 2013, the conference should be adopted by a group of Eastern European countries, which, in particular,

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Aliens and the Vatican (2013). Videos in English

February 21, 2013 19:58

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