Great mysteries. Concubine of the ancient gods (01/07/2013)

January 8, 2013 8:11

Harem … hidden from view realm of bliss and secrets. In this dream come true, a golden cage and broken heart, hand in hand were the birth and death, happiness and envy. Beautiful women forget about their desires and dedicated themselves to the person who in his life could not bestow upon them and look.

Working Group on Climate will hold the first meeting in Moscow

The first meeting of the working group of the Russian presidential administration on issues related to climate change and sustainable development, to be held in Moscow on Thursday — a new group will be the first formal interagency body on this issue since the "climate" of the Commission, was abolished in 2004.

The working group, led by presidential adviser and special representative on climate Alexander Bedritsky, was established in December 2012, after the next session of negotiations in the UN Convention on Climate Change. Bedritsky, the former head of Hydromet and Honorary President of the World Meteorological Organization, the

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A selection of photos and videos UFO in 2013. January

Watch Selection of UFO photos and videos of 2013. January


A new technique in the service of the Kola Peninsula

Investments Kola (a subsidiary of MMC "Norilsk Nickel") program of renovation equipment in January-September 2013 amounted to more than 620 million rubles.

In total for this period, the company acquired 350 units for sale. Among the recipients of new products the basic structural units of the Kola MMC. A large amount of work to replace obsolete equipment done, particularly at the processing plant. It commissioned a spiral classifier, a thickener, a device dissolution and flocculant dosing, supplied a hydrocyclone plant in the amount of 90 million rubles., The installation of which is scheduled for 2013-2014.

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New equipment from Russia at a military parade in Venezuela

Evening, April 19, 2013 in the capital of Venezuela held a large-scale military parade in honor of the 203 th anniversary of the declaration of independence at the same time and held on the same day of the inauguration of President-elect Nicolas Maduro — "heir" who died of Hugo Chavez. At this military parade were first introduced a number of new weapons systems, recently received from Russia, including anti-aircraft missile system S-300VM "Antey-2500" AAMS "Buk-M2E" on a wheeled chassis MZKT-69221 and 300-mm MLRS "Smerch" .

Propelled puskozaryazhayuschaya installation 9A84M with two missiles 9M82M from the AAMS 9K81ME

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Selection for February. UFO video 2013

Watch UFO in 2013. Selection for February


A selection of videos UFO in 2013, August

The first week of August brought the fans of the unknown, and in particular UFO lot of interesting shots. So, meet: the first UFO video compilation in 2013, August.


New Chapter in the SHU Chervonopartizanskoe

10:03, 12 July 13

DTEK Mine Administration "Chervonopartizanskoe" commissioned a high-stope number 42. A new lava formation is characterized by high power and long excavation of the field for more than 3 km — its working out will take 3 years.

This is the second stope, introduced in the mine office from the beginning of 2013. Shahtoupravlenie extracts coal from 5 lavas. The launch of two new lava in 2013 will increase by 22% the planned coal production compared with 2012 — to 3.8 million tonnes

"The new lava is working with a

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A selection of videos from the 2013 UFO Skywatchers

In this video a selection of clips from the plot Skywatchers, dedicated personnel UFO 2013 year. This team is what sets the camera across the city, aiming their lenses at the sky. After that, the long evenings, they find that they are an ordinary person sees quite rare — a UFO.


Food of the Gods. Aired on 26.02.2013. Online

Watch Food of the Gods. Aired on 26.02.2013

"Food of the Gods" — a fascinating journey into the world of ancient cooking, flavored with vivid scenes making of "divine food" and episodes of the latest discoveries of scientists. "Food of the Gods" will entice even the most sophisticated inhabitant metropolis … you know where we come to the corn, cocoa, wheat, dates, tomatoes? What are they in their DNA? Where on earth were the seeds of grain? Vegetarianism — a legacy of the ancient or fashion of the day? From then prepare an elixir of

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