UFO in 2013. UFO in the Paris airport

During takeoff from a Paris airport passenger filmed on camera strange object that was moving with tremendous speed. This UFO was able to observe only by frame playback. Video made in July 2013.


UFO in 2013. Unidentified object outside Russia Today

Live transmission "by Max Kaiser" June 13, 2013, outside the studio Russia Today flying UFO. One of attentive viewers saw an unidentified flying object and put it to the network.


UFO in 2013. Incredibly fast UFO over Vancouver

Increasingly, there are videos on the network, which filmed the sky, and then, in slow motion, were found UFO. I bring to your attention one of these movies, which the author saw four unidentified object moving at incredible speed. Footage from March 29, 2013.


UFO in 2013. Numerous UFO near plane

Yesterday, May 19, 2013, one of the leading U.S. television show recording was made with the aircraft, which depicted Numerous UFO.


UFO in 2013. Mexico. 3 Glowing object. Online Video

Online Video UFO in 2013. Mexico. 3 Glowing object


UFO in 2013. May. Spherical UFO over UK

Strange spherical UFO was filmed in the UK in May, 2013.


UFO in 2013. Frisbee at the volcano Turrialba

It seems that there are people for whom search UFO — The meaning of life. How else can you explain the fact that they are able to for days watching web cameras installed at volcanoes around the world, hoping to capture a flying saucer? This video from the April 18, 2013. Taken at Turrialba volcano in San Jose (Costa Rica)


UFO in 2013. Shots taken actor Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe)

The famous American actor Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe) photographed something which in his opinion may be UFO. A series of photos of the 5 shots he made March 5, 2013 he published on YouTube in the form of video. His page at Twitter.

Is it a UFO or a passing car headlights glow in the windows of his office — is not clear. The actor says that the camera is in a static state at this point.

UFO in 2013. Shots taken by Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe)

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UFO in 2013. A disc-shaped object near the Shenzhou-8

This video was filmed by surveillance cameras at the time of undocking the Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-8. It captured a brilliant UFO disc-shaped crossing the area at high speed tracking cameras. Footage appeared on the network yesterday, March 30, 2013.


Dancing with the Stars Season 8 Watch online

Dancing with the Stars is an incendiary show, which are popular singers, actors, sports figures, each paired with a prof dancer will compete in the ability to move across the floor to the music, playing one of the numerous styles of dance, which only has on the planet. Assess their skills and abilities acquired will be a tough jury, after each number will comment on performance of the participants. Viewers also will be able to express their outlook, sending its own voice for that or any other pair that they liked.

Dancing with the Stars Season 8

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