UFO in 2013. A huge object from the Sun

Shooting for the Sun February 10, 2013 brought new footage of the the huge size of the object is moving in the solar space.

Watch videos Sun, UFOs in 2013.


UFO in 2013. Popocatepetl volcano. New Activity aliens

Another video captured by surveillance cameras. directed by Popocatepetl volcano, was February 8, 2013. It filmed several UFOs, who fly into his mouth, as well as leave their "safe haven." Last year, after such a 'visit' to the U.S. hurricane "Sandy". Whether this will happen this time?

Video UFO in 2013, on February 8. Popocatepetl volcano


UFO in 2013. Video selection for March, April, May, June

A selection of UFO videos of 2013. March, April, May, June. All the best people for the period.


On the aggregate number 6 Boguchan plant pre-commissioning tests

On Boguchan plant began testing hydraulic unit number 6. On the eve of Technical Supervisory Authority issued a permit. At the initial stage of testing turbine unit checked at idle.

Tests conducted by the personnel of operational services of "Boguchan power plant". They also attended master-in-chief engineer of JSC "Power Machines" (manufacturer of hydraulic units), employees of JSC "Yenisei SGEM" mount equipment in 2012-2013.

The test program of the machine consists of several stages. Just before it was made filling the running of the unit and pressure compensation in the water line and volute. After

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Flock of UFOs over Mexico

February 7, 2013 1:26

Recorded in January 2013 somewhere over Mexico. According to a video, originally thought takes flight flock of seagulls in the sky. Objects to form very similar to birds.

But then the man realized with horror that these objects are not their wings like birds, generally never waved. However, their movements are synchronized and sweeter.

UFO in 2013. Videos from 6/24/13. Glowing object in the sky USA

The author of this video declares that this UFO observed over the entire 2013 at different times of day. With that, strongly believes that this is not a Chinese lantern, or something else. Who knows …


UFO in 2013. Video Skyfish in Japan

Again Skyfish in the spotlight. Video taken August 6, 2013 in Japan, and it captures the so-called "rod". Is this UFO — an otherworldly creature, or is it a completely terrestrial insect occupied during the flight?

Just wanted to add another photo, sent by one of our readers, which can also be seen Skyfish

Thank you, Oksana!


UFO in 2013. In the city of Cotulla (TX, USA) again filmed UFOs

UFO 2013 U.S.. January 23, 2013 was again recorded a UFO over the refinery in the town of Cotulla, Texas. In January of this year has already published the video, which was captured unidentified flying object stealing oil. After the incident, the workers camera was installed for monitoring the area of production.


UFO in 2013. UFO armada leaving Earth

This video was filmed by NASA in 2013. A large number of huge glowing UFO leave the continent. What was it? Can really representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations leaves the Earth in front of a massive cataclysm? Although, maybe it's just a job to work with amateur video programs? You decide.


UFO in 2013. April. 2 fighters escorted UFO

Incredibly high-quality shooting an unidentified flying object appeared in the network. It 2 fighters escorted UFO. Video by claims that these images he shot close to the castle Rocca Pia Italy. Video appeared on the Internet April 14, 2013.


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