UFO in 2013. 4 UFO in the night sky USA

In the skies over the United States are seen UFO. This video was shot in April 2013 and created a furor among lovers of unidentified flying objects. The fact is that eyewitness managed to shoot just 4 UFO flying in the night sky of America, suddenly changing direction.


UFO in 2013. 3 UFO over Quebec

Interesting video was resident in Québec, 2013 year. Removing the gray skies 2 strange, glowing object that captures a third operator UFO, flying at high speed past.


UFO in 2013. Italy on January 26. Online

Italy on January 26. UFO 2013


UFO in 2013. February 24. Numerous UFO on the back side of the moon

Strange UFO appear on the reverse side of our natural satellite, and disappear on the surface of the moon. Video from 24.02.2013.


UFO in 2013. 2 unidentified flying object in the sky, Portugal

2 UFOs were recorded in the night sky, Portugal June 3, 2013.


On the Innoprome signed the first agreement (Sverdlovsk region).

In Yekaterinburg, the international exhibition "Innoprom 2013" signed the first agreement.

Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev agreed to cooperate with the State Corporation "Vnesheconombank", and a group of companies "Sveza." The latter, in particular, concerns the construction of a plant for the production of particle board capacity of 500,000 cubic meters per year.


Sberbank has publicly confirmed the partnership with the government of Bashkortostan — bankers are planning to invest in the development of industrial parks in the territory of the Republic. It is planned to invest between 3 and 12 billion rubles

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UFO in 2013. March 2. The pulsing energy of an unidentified object

UFO in 2013. March 2. The pulsing energy of an unidentified object


UFO in 2013, Sevastopol. Glowing Orb of the St. Nicholas Cathedral

This video was made recently in Sebastopol. Glowing ball, changing the trajectory flew over the St. Nicholas Cathedral. Whether the video is real or just another job, "craftsmen" — you decide.

Watch UFO in 2013, Sevastopol.


UFO in 2013, June. Glowing orb in Spain

A really unusual UFO video filmed was filmed in Spain in July 2013. It is a small Glowing Orb, flying over the rooftops and tree cover, changing the direction of the most unexpected way.


UFO 2013 July. Accumulation of lights in the sky

This UFO video of 2013. Taken on July 29. The accumulation of Lights was recorded in the night sky. Was it really the unidentified flying objects, or not — it's up to each their own.


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