Children love things they can climb on to and if you can get inside and hide — well, that’s a real bonus! So the legend of this famous horse and the part it played in the downfall of Troy inspired me to make the ultimate hide-and-seek toy.

The timber I used was Nordic redwood, which you can buy easily in a ready-planed state, or you can save a great deal of money by just getting the timber sawn and planing it yourself. However, if you decide to do this you will find the assistance of an electric planer a great

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This shovel loader is the ideal machine for large contract digging in the sand pit! The front scoop can be raised and lowered by a large lever which is conveniently placed for the driver’s hand and the bucket can be swivelled and locked into position when loads of sand have to be transported off site.

It is fairly simple to make and will withstand all the rigours of child play in the great outdoors. I used Nordic redwood in stock sizes for the job.

1 Mark and cut out the two body side panels. Tape them together and mark and

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Most children have a cherished dream -a small house, shed or den which is especially for them to play in. The world of make-believe is one to foster and this little house is ideal for tea parties, teddy bears’ picnics, or, stretching the imagination, a place of safety for those three little pigs who were always having trouble with the big bad wolf.

The house is built completely from stock size Nordic redwood. (I bought sawn timber and planed it up and saved a great deal of money that way.) The roof is made from corrugated ‘plastic’ sheeting which overlaps

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There can be few people who do not stop and look at a fire engine as it passes by. Who can ignore the urgent siren, flashing blue lights and highly polished red machine hurrying along the road to give assistance to someone somewhere? I find it most reassuring that throughout the country there are men, and now women too, willing and able to undertake dangerous rescue tasks for the general public. This fire engine is dedicated to all those who work in the fire and rescue services.

The toy is built from Nordic redwood and has a working steering wheel,

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‘A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse.’ In retrospect it might have done Richard III more good if he had asked for a castle! These defensive medieval buildings are found throughout the country, and exploring the dark, dank passages, the scary heights of the look-out towers, the primitive living conditions and the dungeons where the prisoners were held makes you glad that you live in the twentieth century.

This castle, I am glad to say is a far more friendly building and gives great scope for playing ‘baddies and goodies’. It is made entirely from standard plywood sheets

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