Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000


Мощный бас

Естественное звучание СЧ

Поддержка Bluetooth

Простота установки и использования


Нет HDMI-порта


Будучи одним из самых компактных комплектов в тесте, Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 прекрасно подойдет даже для 32—37-дюймовых телевизоров, хотя и на фоне больших моделей смотрится неплохо. Конструкция саундбара предельно проста — она имеет пару широкополосных излучателей, которые с помощью DSP-процессингa воспроизводят многоканальный звук. Акустическое оформление излучателей фазоинверторное, причем конструкция фазоинвертора такова, что при малых габаритах устройства один только саундбар (без сабвуфера) способен воспроизводить достаточно глубокие низкие частоты. Тем не менее сабвуфер в комплект входит, причем не обычный, а беспроводной.

По габаритам сабвуфер также довольно

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Navy Uruguay chooses Transas simulators

At the Naval Academy of Uruguay made a successful installation training complex company "Transas" including a navigation simulator NTPRO 5000, GMDSS simulator TGS 5000 and Engine Room simulator ERS 5000.

 Photo source:transas.ru

The contract signed by the victory in an international tender involving the world’s leading manufacturers of such equipment was provided for the execution of Transas USA and representative in Uruguay — Arnaldo C. Castro SA. New simulators replace the production system "Transas" established by the Academy in 2000.

 Photo source:transas.ru

Mission specialists Transas USA in Latin America with the company’s technical staff Arnaldo C.

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The branch Uralmash NGO Holding the official acceptance of the rig made for BK Eurasia

 Photo source:urm.ru

This drilling is the first of seven plants produced under contract to the "BK" Eurasia ". The event was attended by leaders and experts "BK" Eurasia ". The guests toured a drilling rig mounted on a platform control assembly. In their presence, launched the main drives of the drilling rig.

"To be honest, the machine leaves a very good impression. We really liked the platform, very much, as inserted by equipment and service in the block cleaning mud and pump unit, "said senior vice president of production" BK "Eurasia" Vadim Bayanov.

"The rig was

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Severstal will invest in the mill 5000 more than 2 billion rubles

"Cherepovets Iron and Steel Works (part of the Division" Severstal Russian Steel ") has launched a major investment project on the reconstruction of the main drive cage quarto mill 5000 (Kolpino, St. Petersburg), worth 2.3 billion rubles" The project started this year and lasts until the end of 2013. The decision to implement it made taking into account the company’s plans to increase shipments in such a strategically important sectors like Energy, construction industry, mechanical engineering.

The project will carry out work to replace the DC motors to more modern alternating current electric motors that power by a factor

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MMK increased shipment of products to the bridge construction and shipbuilding industry

Supply of products from the mill 5000 of "MMK" (MMK) for the needs of bridge construction in the last year rose by more than half compared with the previous year, and reached 67 thousand tons. The volume of shipments for the shipbuilding industry has almost tripled — up to 75 thousand tons of steel products.  In particular, in 2012 JSC "Vyborg Shipyard", included in the "United Shipbuilding Corporation" has shipped 7 million tonnes of rolled products of normal and high strength GOST R 52927-2008. This metal is mainly used in the construction of an icebreaker to "Rosmorport".

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iPhone and the car are one

Taken from iPhones.ru. The author, the original Roman Yuriev (C).

The modern car is quite high class — this is not just a means of transportation, but a real gadget and computer, to say the least — a network of computers. This is all the gadgets gadget with which you can interact, either directly or remotely. What makes him do Pandora DXL 5000 in conjunction with the iPhone — just boggles the mind … or understandable. Let’s try to figure out together. Let me just say one thing — I, like an untrained person, the possibility of this anti-theft system

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We can not afford to forget it.

Happy holiday people! With the biggest holiday!

I think that regardless of the direction of the film site (Arutz Authors Yuri, Evgeny Voronin Yaroslavl, 2011.) Who will be here I will place you look, understood …. Who can whisk away a tear.

I’ve shed a few tears. Shed tears of helplessness. From the fact that they no longer know where my late grandfather buried his brothers. I could not find them on any list, though, and used all its military capabilities and friends … We are living now does not understand the grief of fun over our country

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In LPC number 3 CherMK Severstal complete overhaul of the camp 5000

In the rolling plant number 3 CherMK "Severstal" (St. Petersburg, Kolpino) ended overhaul rolling mill 5000.

As expected, the work will significantly improve the wear resistance of plant equipment, as well as increase its turnaround time.

During the repair was made reheating furnace repair mechanisms that will improve the quality of heating and rolled metal. Continuous furnace produces heat more than 50% of the blanks for the 5000 camp.

Besides, were restored on the beams and the frame of the mill stand 5000 where the rolling blanks heated up to the required size. Services provided

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In Vyksa (Nizhny Novgorod region) have launched Mill 5000

Nov. 25, at the Vyksa Steel Works there was a long-awaited launch of Mill 5000. Rolling mill will allow the company does not depend on external suppliers and reduce the time of production of pipes.

 Photo source:vykza.ru

At its subsidiary ZAO "OMC" has commissioned metallurgical complex that will produce sheet for the manufacture of large diameter pipes. This is the third station 5000 in the country. As previously reported, "FederalPress", a similar complex is in place in Kolpino (Leningrad region, "Severstal") and Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works). Mill 5000 will produce sheets of a width

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Oil storage tank exploded in Yamal


Photo: RIA Novosti

14.02.11.Vzryv reservoir oil volume 5000 cubic meters occurred on Monday in the district of Novy Urengoi in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (Yamal), there were no injuries, the press service of the regional emergency department.


"At 14.55 (12.55 MSK) to the central fire communications Novy Urengoi, it was reported that in the area Korotchaevo explosion tank with oil volume 5000 cubic meters. The tank belongs to a private company "Firma MAX", RIA Novosti reported.

The explosion caused a fire occurred. After a few minutes to place emergency firefighters arrived.

"At the moment of

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