Poll in Vitebsk All economize. That only eat — it is not clear!

Polotsk on the market in Vitebsk can purchase any products — from sausages and bacon home to overseas fruits. Goods in short supply, but no buyers very many, although specifically lunch many housewives purchase products, so the evening is not to stand in queues.Where are the buyers? This ask the saleswoman, Lyudmila, who missed no work for the showcase with the decomposition of cheeses.Ludmila: "I do not know. Certainly, all are saving. That only eat — I do not know! Save up, because already in stores, for sure, what can nibudt cheaper to buy than the market! A price increase

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Night Siege July 20

On forums portal appeared branch "The Russians are willing to $ 280 for gas." Here are some reflections on the state of the Belarusian-Russian energy affairs. "So, please … Let desire. Although 380 bucks. Well then let cleaned out tomorrow and Vileika Hantsavichy. Tomorrow will bring its air defense system from Belarus, which in violation of the Constitution and the neutral status of our country is our country. And before you get out, it will pay for always their stay and service. And get market prices for transit. " "With our" effective "creation naturally hit 280 conventional units for income

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Gasoline can not be cheaper oil

Spokesman of "Lukoil" said"At this point in all statesah Europe is an increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. And strike. And in the UK, and in Bulgaria, Indonesia 35% raised the price of motor fuel, although the oil-producing countries. It first due to the growth of global oil prices. But there are countries that are struggling with this somehow. In Venezuela, very deshevenky petrol and all there is tremendous ride on American cars. And in Iran is very a cheap gasoline prices. Closed country. "The question why in Belarus prices do not change, the spokesman said that gasoline

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Gomel: buy everything cheaper discounted

Lady: "Chur take the least, do not buy sausage — very expensive sausage. Buy a cheap eggs, milk is the most affordable. And ten percent cream. Try to choose. A such, that came and took it, what you want, we set for ourselves can not allow that. " Man: "Have not buy apples first grade, and rotten. So kiwi. I’ve not picked up on 10-11 thousand rubles per kilogram and 5. Fish, too — took the tail 5 thousand, and not twelve. Buy everything cheaper discounted. "Lady: "I’ve bought three grams of sardines, I have a small pension. 40 four

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Belarusian medicine: a cheap and not very effective?

According to director general of "Belfarmatsiya" Igor Kovalchuk, increase in sales of Russian-made pharmaceuticals in pharmacies once a year is 20%. A big manufacturer of pharmaceuticals — Concern "Belbiopharm", composed of 18 companies comes. Among them, six medicinal plants — two in Minsk ("Belmedpreparaty" and "Dialek"), one in Borisov Nyasvizh, Skidel, Drahichhyn. "Belbiopharm" produces 550 kinds of pharmaceuticals, their creation of 138 drugs is unprofitable. Because "Belbiopharm" agreed with the Ministry of Economy increase retail prices for 64 items Russian pharmaceuticals. Head of Concern Misha Shard explained to the need to increase drug prices sharp rise in prices of

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Refuse meat from fish, from fruits, vegetables …

For other healthy eating candidacy remains unused advice of doctors.The State programmke Demographic Security of Belarus for 2007-2010 argues that mortality from digestive diseases from 1990 to 2005 increased by 96.8%. More than a quarter of the population is overweight. Do these people even higher risk for developing kidney tumor, lung, of diabetes, etc.My companion — at the Department of General Hygiene Grodno meduniversitetu Eugene Maysienak directly connects it with the patient nutrition. It must consist of first of grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables have less — meat and dairy products, you should limit the use of salt and

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Ride to Kiev three times cheaper than in Minsk

"If you take a lot of tickets for travel, a whole lot cheaper. In addition, for seniors and students in Moscow have benefits. For the cost of 5 trips on the metro student can buy a monthly pass. "Tags: subway, benefits

Blue Rose — emblem of wealth?

Usually — rose in the first place, somewhere 60-80% of all purchases.

Dial a contact number and flower portal beauty.by interested in consumer tastes:"Usually — rose in the first place, somewhere 60-80% of all purchases. Later tulipany. Possible and so to speakWho earns more sensitive, gets the rose, who have less — tulips. 10 percent — is tulips, then — chrysanthemum, carnation, etc. With exclusive still require dark and blue roses. We on a portal, namely, there is a bouquet of blue roses. This, of course, export products — Netherlands and Ecuador. Despite the travel expenses, the price is

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Meat became more expensive because all bars in Russia …

Remained at a persimmon …In front of the indoor market Kamarouski colored flashlights shining Christmas tree. But the solemn mood in the reasoning of buyers is not felt. Many of them have at the moment is trying to take a little food for New Year’s table. The young lady goes to the output of the essential package apetytnay persimmon. Although come to the market is not for her:"Well, I was going to ask the price generally at prices so buy something for New Year’s table because often gets going — do not pull up to 31, because prices in general

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Ladutko explained why the more expensive cigarettes

Society Chairman of the Minsk Nikolai garyyvykankamu Ladutko said today the price increase on cigarettes.

"Tobacco is for 100% imported. Grodno tobacco factory in May alone received 15 billion in damages. 15 billion! Could would turn this production and cigarettes do not produce, but less of that, they will not. And we have to buy for the currency of tobacco, bring it to us here and make cigarettes. This is — definitely cheaper. "

On June 8, as already reported, "Freedom", rose cigarettes middle and upper price segment, both domestic and imported — an average of 30-60%.

Nicholas Ladutko said

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