Stolen in Nigeria freed citizen of Belarus

BelaPAN adviser said the Russian Embassy in Nigeria Viktor Goncharov.The diplomat added: "It feels normally. At this point, it is in Port Harcourt. "Viktor Goncharov said the accident release Ira Ekpo-Mind."Skradalniki, I believe, have no business in the political organization of the country. Here there are a number of bands who sometimes stole foreign people. Course did, so atrymats ransom "- said V. Gonchar" Interfax "."Maybe the ransom paid for it. It is not clear arrested robbers" — the diplomat added."Ira called at two o’clock Razaline (eldest daughter, who is trained in the Belarusian Institute of municipal honey.) Revealed that

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Disaster victims in Virginia became citizens of many nations

It is already clear that the victims of Cho Hee Offspring became citizens of several countries: USA, Canada, India, and Indonesia. Midst and killed 76-year-old doctor from Israel Libya Libresku Holocaust survivor. If the attacker opened fire, he closed the door with his body in the audience and gave an opportunity for many students to jump out the window. The French class was shot by Daniel Perez Cueva from Peru. Lebanese woman also died in Rome at random, who participated in last weekend for the international student dance festival.Approximately eight of tyscha over June 20 thousand students Virzhynskaga Institute of

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In the U.S., delayed departure Belarusian kids home

At the airport, it became clear that there was not one the girl, whose name was not called. Fly the whole group for this reason postponed."The U.S. State Department also said that he considers unlawful acts family of San Francisco, which holds the Belarusian girlfriend," — said Vanshyna.Belarusian Foreign Ministry today summoned the charge d’affaires of the U.S. in Belarus Jonathan Moore. Claimed from him, so sending home an underage citizen of Belarus accomplished possible faster.The representative of the Embassy of Belarus in the United States Oleg Kravchenko made a statement on the matter to be sent home citizen Belarus

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Penza hermits will soon be home

Deputy Head of the Federal Migration Service Vradimer Yudin told RIA Announcements:"FMS has already received a copy of the documents people of Belarus. Expect now-tomorrow from the Department of Citizenship and movement Belarus come to us all officially certified documents required to send people home, "- said Yudin. He confirmed that four people of Belarus as before in the cave. "It is planned that representatives Belarusian side arrive in the Penza region, that assist compatriots back home, "- said U.Yudin.

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Charhinest: I do not want to claim that they were spies

Head of the Center for info and public relations KGB Valery Nadtochaev Pronunciation:"No new details. Yesterday the chairman of the committee responded to questions of" Interfax ", and I have nothing to add to that."Recall KGB chairman Yuri Zhadobin said that in the "American spies" not detained. By Zhadobin committee "in this case engaged in preventive work." And at the moment "is checked, as there have been violations of one or another section of the law."According to Nikolai Charhinets, Chairman of the Commission on constant international affairs and national security in the Council of the Republic, the competent authorities must

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One write, two in mind …

It seems that the quick adoption by both houses of the Federal Assembly of the configurations in the law on rallies will bolshennomu political scandal. This is no exaggeration. It always happens when a very fundamental and necessary it is taken people used not to think about the consequences of their own activities, and simultaneously taking "under the hood" of wanting to please their superiors.

The fact that legislation in this area should be changed, does not cause vibrations. But — here's the big question. No one, even the most avid member of the opposition do not like being

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Do we need guest workers Russian army?

At the moment, it is no secret that our homeland is in the so-called demographic pit. Because vernal call, passing in the current time, on the brink of failure. July 15, planned to put "under the gun" to more than 155 thousand young people in the country. According to the available disk imaging, more than 30% of the possible recruits recognized commissions worthless for military service, and 57% of recruits have already sent in troops, have restrictions on the service in connection with health.

Defense looks for a way out to fill the shortage of military enlisted personnel,

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Belarus Foreign Ministry has found violations of human rights in the West

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has prepared a report on human rights violations in specific countries in 2012. Document prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs professionals based on disk imaging Belarusian diplomatically offices, media and "other reliable public sources."

The objects of study of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry were 23 European countries, the United States and Canada. The list of violations were the propagation of racial discrimination, violations of the rights of migrants and refugees, the right to freedom of movement, age discrimination in employment, harassment of journalists, racial discrimination, violation of the prohibition of torture,

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Black recruited transplant organ donors in Belarus

Society Ukrainian law enforcement officers stopped the activities of transnational groupings of black transplant, which included the Ukrainian surgeons from the National Institute of Surgery and transplyantalegii name Shalimova. This is pavedamlyaeagentstva "Interfax-West".

As the Head of the Department for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings and kiberzlachynnastsyu Interior Minister Yuriy Kucher, together with the Department of State Border Service has exposed the activities of transnational groups, which worked for about three years, verbuyuchy citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus and Uzbekistan, and transporting them to Azerbaijan and Ecuador for organ transplant recipients from Israel.

According to Kucera, made up

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The UN envoy praised Belarus for the attitude to refugees

Society In Minsk office will the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. The agreement to this effect signed by the Interior Ministry and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres, who is in Minsk.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the official Minsk agreed on common projects that aim to improve the situation of refugees in Belarus, their status and conditions of integration in the country of the asylum procedure, the fight against human trafficking, border management. Antonio Guterres counts in these matters to cooperate with other international organizations and civil society:

"Belarus has a positive relationship

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