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Serbia has demonstrated light combat aircraft «Kobats»

TSAMTO, September 13. Serbian defense industry during the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Air Force, for the first time revealed to the public armed turboprop version of TCB «Lasta-95», designated «Kobats.» High operational control of the country the aircraft was demonstrated in April of this year. As reported by «Flight International» light attack aircraft developed by the Military Technical Institute together with the companies «SDPR Yugoimport» and «Utva» and is designed to attack ground targets, border security, air support operations against illegal armed formations. Plane resettled modernized cockpit, new ejection seat, reinforced fuselage fuel tanks on

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USAF select «SUPER Toucan»

Now the U.S. Air Force announced that the chosen light attack aircraft A-29 Super Tucano Brazilian company Embraer for programmke LAS (Light Air Support). The aircraft will be delivered in partnership with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) as the prime contractor and is used to increase the qualifications of pilots, aerial reconnaissance and assault operations.   The aircraft will be performed at the company’s Jacksonville (Fla.). Total 20 aircraft will be delivered in the amount of 427 million U.S. dollars.   A-29 Super Tucano is a reliable, versatile and robust turboprop aircraft capable of solving a wide range of tasks,

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About garnets and Grenadiers

Grenade — a type of ammunition designed to engage manpower and military equipment of the enemy shrapnel and shock waves produced by the explosion.Russian Military Encyclopedia

The use of pomegranate has a long history. First progenitors pomegranate were known before the invention of gunpowder. They were made from the bark of trees, papyrus, clay, glass, used in the main for the defense of fortresses and were filled with quicklime. These grenades were used in Fustat — the town, which in ancient times, before the founding of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

In old documents revealed that "miasma quicklime flowing out

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The Germans experienced a 40-kilowatt laser gun

The German division of the company MBDA successfully tested laser gun capacity of 40 square meters. According to a press release, in a few seconds gun burned a mortar shell and an iron plate width of 40 mm.

According to the representative MBDA Haylmayera Peter (Peter Heilmeier), in the not to distant future, a similar laser tool can be used in combat. Beam guns can be used to destroy targets on the impact bolshennom distance. In addition, the laser tool, through its own accuracy, minimizes unnecessary harm.

MBDA early tests Laser gun in 2008. In 2011 , the German

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Spontaneous combustion of people — a phenomenon hitherto unsolved

Already more than once in different parts of the world there were cases involving the spontaneous combustion of people. For unknown reasons, people just burned alive, with no evidence of arson was not — as if people were burning inside.

Are you looking for a company, leader in the production of black and stainless steel products, cold forging and powder coating of metal surfaces? In that case, a company in St. Petersburg will be the company Anta, which operates since 1995. Product details and prices you can find on the official website

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Disposal of ammunition — what we have?

Utilization — Natural end of the current cycle of at least some of the product. The logic states for sure — knows better than anyone how to complete this cycle the one who started it. Faithful utilization — Knowledge-intensive, low-tech and environmentally harmful process. What is in this field in Russia and abroad? On this issue, reviewing products, which was presented at the International Scientific and Technical Conference on burning dilemmas disposal of rockets and ammunition in the framework of the exhibition "Interpolitex," said O.Shulga.

In fact, the process is always to dispose of ammunition requires special production control processes

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The development of UAVs Watch-600 is suspended

JSC "RET Kronstadt" stop the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) large range "Watch-600, "said" AviaPort "project director of unmanned systems enterprise Vladimir Voronov.

"Company no plans to further work on the project UAVs "Watch-600." This is justified by the fact that the Defense Ministry does not fund research and development, and for the costs of testing and fine-tuning are very significant, "- he singled out.

Voronov said that creating "Watch-600 ", the company planned to bid on the UAV large range in case it is declared the Defense Ministry.

The interviewee stressed that "RET Kronstadt" has made a

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When the military-technical cooperation with foreign companies to the Motherland

Last weekend gave a descent of several fascinating news related to the Russian Ministry of Defense Cooperation with foreign manufacturers of military equipment. Procurement of military equipment abroad permanently cause a wave of criticism, especially after the contracts for the supply of the French ships, Israeli drones and Italian armored vehicles. Recent announcements quite enthralling to see them in detail and to understand how such cooperation is in our interesam.Vo-1-x, the representative of the Italian company «Oto Melara» Bruno Farina opened a little sense of resonance purchases for the test series wheeled armored vehicles «Centauro». Let me remind you

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Lock and business cards

Advertising services one way or another company is now heavily in the web as a means of printing technologies. For disk imaging presentation about the services of a particular company may be the introduction of representation of employees of that company. Such a simple idea can be implemented using products such as business cards. Now business cards are created by Here you will be able to fulfill the order of business cards as the most unusual and traditional design.

One of the principal functions of which is provided to the customer of spices, is a function of

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