Verdict Parfiankou left unchanged

It has considered the Company's board of judges: Chairman Nazarenko with the participation Mole and Khomich.

According to the human rights organization "Spring", personally Basil Parfiankou the trial was not. His interests were represented by counsel andgar Papkovsky. In his speech, he drew the court's attention to the fact that the findings of the judge Olga Komar incorrect because in his client's no crime riots. The lawyer asked to cancel the sentence Parfiankou and stop the prosecution.

In this case, the lawyer also pointed out that the sentence appears "destruction of property", but even a civil plaintiff spoke of "property

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Court rejects appeal BHC

Society The Supreme Court rejected the appeal of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the Ministry of Justice. Human rights activists appealed the warning of Justice handed down to the BHC on 12 January.

It appeared after, human rights activists sent a UN special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Gabriela Knavl information about government pressure on lawyers defending the defendants in the case of riots December 19.

In court, the two representatives of the Ministry of Justice stated that human rights activists allegedly submitted to the UN biased, inaccurate, incomplete information aimed at discrediting the law enforcement and

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Medic: The attitude of the health Dmitri Bulanov — unconstitutional

Life History, which said "Freedom" Claudia Bulanava, Mother arrested for Area 26-year-old Dmitri Bulanov, caused a stir in the medical community. In the opinion of doctors, this disregard of patient complaints in everyday life outside bars — a reason for the lawsuit. Under the Constitution, every citizen of Belarus, regardless of whether he is at liberty or in captivity, has a right to adequate medical care. 

Case history was ignored as well as the patient's complaints

As evidenced by Claudia Bulanava for the first time about filial health complaints, she learned from a letter that she received on January 28.

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On the Square — in prison, out of prison — to the KGB

Society Local departments of the KGB in the regions continue to cause for questioning social activists who had previously participated in actions of solidarity with political prisoners. Also, security forces persecute those who took part in the last election campaign on the side of the opposition and independent observers.


The Young claims that he avenge the KGB

Valentin Lobachyov

Mogilev Regional Directorate of the KGB called BPF activist and a member of a registered organization in Prague "Young Front" Valentine Lobachova. The summons was handed to him the day before in a temporary detention. Activist was detained for seven

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Human rights activist Minsk city's decision: This is a circus

Society Minsk City Court dismissed the complaint Borisov district resident Irene Pankovets, which appealed against the verdict of the Moscow district court for participating in a protest on December 19. The woman says it will continue to complain.

February 11, the Minsk City Court dismissed the complaint of Irina Pankovets the sentence of the Moscow district court on December 20, according to which she served 10 days in jail.

"Freedom" Irina said after reviewing the complaint, the court referred to it signed a document stating that she allegedly agreed with the verdict and will not appeal it. Irina Pankovets mentioned

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Some are free, others are planting

Society Released from insulators write complaints against the police during the arrest and on the road to the insulators. Meanwhile, as the participants of protests get out of jail, put there those who expressed solidarity with them.December 30 in the Moscow district court of Minsk for participation in actions of solidarity with the prisoners Akrestin, which took place on December 21, was sentenced to administrative detention of youth activists Franak Vyachorka, Andrew Krechko andAnton Koipish. Vyachorka and Krechko received 12 days in jail and Koipish by the court will be detained 10 days. The first two activists denied their participation

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There is no new news from American prisoners

Society Mother arrested in a criminal case on the riots in Minsk on December 19 no new information from the KGB detention center have not. Lawyers for detainees say they do not know when they will be able to see their clients. The most difficult situation — around Vladimir Neklyaeva to which lawyers are not allowed for a week.

The wife of presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva Olga this morning visited the Prosecutor General's Office and the KGB. Surrounded by friends, writers, journalists, and "plain-clothes officers," she first walked into the lobby and the Prosecutor General's Office has requested a meeting

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