Let the Belarusian Foreign Ministry put in place after Surikov

Start the program from the phone call unchanging listeners "Liberty" Ilya Kopyla:"The Kremlin leadership indignant that Ukraine sold Georgia gun. Dugin Russian political analyst said on television that the Russian armed forces should strike in Ukraine and Russia to join the eastern Russian regions. Our homeland arming itself to the teeth, Iran, Libya, Venezuela. Curious leaves, RF can be sold to others, to the same dictatorial, regime instrument and other countries can not? Kopil Ilya. "Listener responds to a question analyst Jacob Roman:"The theme of implementation tools, so to speak, very intimate. And when they say that those countries get

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Russian state idea

In today's globalized world, we see the crisis of moral value system that has swamped and our country. A special role is played by both globalization and geopolitical events (the collapse of the USSR). In Russia since the early 1990s, is in full swing the integration process of the Western system of values. This, again, is an egoistic-consumer lifestyles. Live to the merits of the real well-being, and the push it though the methods. As such, the goal for itself is not a negative, but: 1. It is completely contrary to the established historically to the "spirit" of

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