Mogilev firefighters endured activist military glory day

Firefighters accused sovereign Dyachkova that he spread the fire.Oleg Dyachkova, along with 20 activists detained on September 8 in Forest Park Lubusz Mogilev police company of frisky response.In a wooded park activists celebrated day of the Belarusian Military Glory. In October the police department, where activists delivered urgently summoned the inspector of the district department of the Emergencies Ministry, which amounted to an administrative offense.Mogilev Oleg Diachkov not the first who punished fire.On September 4, 155 thousand rubles fined Dmitry Solovyov. Commission blames him for rights violationsyl fire safety in the forest.Oleg Diachkov warning after fire• Mogilev to fight the

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Revolution slowed our development

Prince"I think that in the current situation makes no sense, because the country is not."Mrs."Once it was the story. We were all born, lived to be believed. Yeah, as a memory of an event, and only. We currently prazdnichkom note as superfluous, because one more, one less. I, for example, it is not

We currently much prazdnichkom note of unnecessary, because one more, one less.

note just happy day, holiday. "Prince"I think not. Judging by the stories that gave us this revolution? Retard the development for many years. ‘Cause I believe that it is generally not necessary. And stagnation,

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Sober dance in Gomel

On mass events This year unprecedented precautions. City officials, through local media warned of urban residents: Now to get in the 20 hours to the Central stadium "Sozhavskaga round dance" is not enough to have a ticket, which costs from 7 to 25 thousand. Must come least half an hour. At the entrance of the police look on things — all have to go through metalashukalnik. As the airport. Urban residents also cautioned not to take with a huge folders, packages, bottles. Even with mineral water and juices.By all appearances, the bitter experience of the celebration days of independence in

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At the end of the Congress accomplished press conference co-chairs of the Political Council

While it is unclear which of the four co-chairs will be responsible for which kirunkak — is unclear, in this issue, as said at a press conference after the Congress sovereign Kalyakin, all will be decided on Wednesday when held another meeting of the Political Council.Anatoly Lebedko said to us that it was hoped that there will be 5 Co-Chair, including Milinkevich, because it was determined five areas: first — management headquarters for the elections (in 2008 Yearwhether elections to the House of pradlstavnikov) 2nd — State Executive Committee, or the shadow government, the third — work with the regions,

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Mogilev and Asipovichy noted day of solidarity

The first time the solidarity activists own path passed without careful observation station. On This time activists surprised passersby stopped and asked about the motives for their incomprehensible procession. Participants of the rally thoroughly knew of the missing and prisoners of politicians, the harassment of opposition activists by the authorities.In Asipovichy for a day of solidarity activists hung in the tower of mobile communication white-red-white flag. He remained in sight until the evening, but later withdrew his fire team.

Fecal (scraping) to enterobiasis

Analysis Kal (scraping) to enterobiasis — detection of pinworm eggs (helminths, clinical manifestations of which are itching of the anus and intestinal disorders).

As shown by the analysis of feces?

Investigation of fecal enterobiasis reveals the presence or absence of pinworm eggs.

What are the indications for analysis?

Suspicion of being infected with pinworm (Enterobius vermicularis); "Barrier" analysis (at admission, registration of medical books, references to the pool, etc.)

How to gather material for the study?

In the morning until the toilet stool and holding the genitals with a cotton swab dipped in glycerin to scrape the

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Fecal occult blood

Fecal occult blood test — to identify "hidden" blood, invisible under microscopic examination.

What does the fecal occult blood?

The presence of any bleeding from the digestive tract.

What are the indications for analysis?

Suspicion of bleeding from any gastrointestinal tract.

How to prepare for the study?

7-10 days prior to delivery drugs cancel analysis (all laxative preparations bismuth, iron). It is impossible to do on the eve of an enema. After the X-ray examination of the stomach and intestines analysis of feces appointed no earlier than two days.

What is necessary to stick

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In Mogilev and Bobruisk noted day of solidarity

Activists unregistered youth organizations with lighted candles marched through the main streets of the town. After protesters Solidarity held a rally in front of the Mogilev city executive committee.In Bobruisk activists of the Social Democratic Party (Hulk) formed a chain of those who care for the classic days of solidarity location — in front of the chapel cemetery Minsk. About an hour later the police arrived, which forced the activists to finish the action.And in Mogilev and Bobruisk Solidarity March day pass without detention.

Now started to operate a new Administrative Code

In a brand new Administrative Code for certain offenses fines increased a couple of times. However, the penalty for the company and its role in unsanctioned shares can not exceed 50 baselines.Human rights activist Lyudmila Hraznova believes that huge fines indicate an unstable political and economic situation in the country: "This Administrative Code indicates, that impoverished country’s budget and need to find new sources to make up for the loss suffered by the result of deteriorating relations with Russia. The situation is unstable. Disorderly steps. "Arrest as previously limited to 15 days, but in those cases where the detainee amount

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From the list of excluded solemn day memory …

"Belarusian path" in 1918 he writes: "The meeting of Catholic and Orthodox clergy in Ivyanetskago menskago zhanochago and monasteries, which was specified in the apartment tuteyshago priest dean Sviatopolk-Mirskago not accomplished since the Orthodox confessors or come to the meeting. Peredacha ladies Catholic monastery such order is not clear; Ivenets monastery already peredadeny Catholic clergy and there went 29 GM naznacheny proboshcham, priest Suharsky, byushy Calvary, and after vyazynski proboshch. "In 1948 year "Lim" editorial notes: "Missions to our collective of artists allow tighter contact with the people … For this it is necessary that the Alliance writers BSSR, theater

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