Polling figures

Drakakhrust: "On Friday, the candidates from the United civilian parties that are on the metropolitan area held a press conference at which he announced that withdraw their candidacy from the race. Intended to withdraw his candidacy and Anatoly Lebedko but did not do so, because it is co-chairman of the UDF, which community decision to withdraw candidates have not yet perceived. Minsk UCP candidates motivated their decision impossibility print campaign leaflets. It should be noted that shortly before the UCP and her favorite did not speak for the fact that withdraw from the election campaign. And by the way the

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Pressball blocked the road in Beijing Olympic

Weaning motivated by the fact that the publication publishes materials that Tipo hurt feelings athletes and undermine the business reputation of the NOC. The reason for the scandal began to research the Olympic champion in biathlon, and now journalist "Pressball" Svetlana Paramygina. In the article "Olympic cesspool" she brought the facts of embezzlement of municipal funds earmarked for training Olympians. Currently managing newspaper wrote an open letter to President Alexander Lukashenko NOC. NAC solution two vacancies that freed when most sports newspaper circulations Belarus deprived Olympic accreditation cast "Narodnaya Gazeta" and the newspaper "Respublika". U.Berazhkov: "We threw a harsh call"Chief

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