Acclimatization deficit and other problems fall


The fall in the human metabolism is slowing down, changing hormonal activity, and here acclimatization deficit, it is not surprising that in this season of the year we get sick more often.

 To have time to adapt

We have been waiting for the summer, cherish every hot day, rejoice, when the temperature 'chosen' to +30? C, running away from a rainy August in the southern countries. And miss the point, as always unexpected autumn cold snap, leading to devastating health consequences. It is not only and not so much in the fact that

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Silvinite speleocamera

Imagine a room where the floor, the ceiling, the walls are made of sylvinite breed. Here you can relax, get aesthetic pleasure and good health care (Salt Cave is shown in many diseases), and after the session felt a surge of strength. The airsylvinite speleological chamber unique.

The mechanism of therapeutic action of the "salt cave" is based on the healing properties of negative ions and ions of sea salt. As shown semicentenial studies under the influence of negative ions slow autonomic functions, blood pH shifts toward alkaline, normalizes metabolism processes. The mechanism of improvement related to

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