Infrequently folk healers share their secrets during his lifetime, and Mikhail Golyuk filed three applications for methods of treating intractable diseases. Requests it, however, rejected, and none of the experts did not take the trouble to check the real value of ideas popular among the people of his grandfather, although it is known unfortunate tendency to study the experience of traditional medicine «after», when many of the intricacies of the case and forgotten uteryany.A meanwhile to Golyuku travel thousands of kilometers people, believing that the people’s doctor will help them …- alive if Michael V.? — Anxiously I asked

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Acclimatization deficit and other problems fall


The fall in the human metabolism is slowing down, changing hormonal activity, and here acclimatization deficit, it is not surprising that in this season of the year we get sick more often.

 To have time to adapt

We have been waiting for the summer, cherish every hot day, rejoice, when the temperature 'chosen' to +30? C, running away from a rainy August in the southern countries. And miss the point, as always unexpected autumn cold snap, leading to devastating health consequences. It is not only and not so much in the fact that

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Allergic rhinitis (runny nose)

What is it?

Allergic rhinitis— Is an allergic inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Thus there is a runny nose, sneezing and swelling of the lining of the nose, itching. Allergic rhinitis is most common in children, adolescents and young adults. There are two types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal (hay fever or allergy to pollen) and perennial (reaction to household allergens: house dust, animals, etc.).

Allergic rhinitis occurs in contact with allergens (grass pollen, plants and trees, house dust, etc.) in the eyes and nasal passages sensitive to allergens person.

What's going on?

Seasonal rhinitis symptoms appear only

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Tabs instead of seals

Seal— Is an artificial restoration, replacement tooth defect.

Svetokompozity, which are one of the most popular to date technology caries, for all its positive qualities are three major drawbacks: the shrinkage during cure (or svetootverdenii), the emergence of internal deformation, which resulted in the break off thin wall seal; lack of polymerization (or hardening ) fillings. That is why they can not be used for large defects teeth. In such a situation is an optimal use of the tabs.

Pervye tabs were made in the early 20th century. Moreover, this type of defects of teeth actively used in

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In Parsiukevich completed medication

Letter received now wife Natalia businessman. In a letter Parsukevich writes that the meeting with the doctor he does not help, because "all the same there is no conventional pharmaceuticals and if I have an attack, I will chop evfelin. "Natalia explained to that this is the cheapest kind medicines that doctors favor during asthma attacks, they very strong and often do not use their need."He also has a nose prepyadstviya. Lawyer I sent a certificate that he is once a year goes to the clinic, he removed polyps, otherwise he can not breathe. He writes, there even that of

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Diagnosis of angina

The diagnosis of acute tonsillitis put physician clinically, that is, symptoms and signs. Main purpose of the survey — to identify the presence or absence of hemolytic streptococcus, because it affects whether doctor to prescribe antibiotics. Methods for detection of streptococcal infection:

Bacteriological seeding — A person is taken from a throat swab, and then it is sent to a lab, where is seeding on nutrient media. From this Smear grow colonies of bacteria, further laboratory determine their type and sensitivity to antibiotics. Seeding is a standard method of research, it allows you to accurately show what

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Diagnosis and treatment of warts


Not all warts can be and should be removed. If they are of small size, are not subject to permanent injury, do not cause discomfort and cosmetic located on the genitals, the operation is not necessary. The basic approach in the treatment of warts is not to cause more harm than the warts themselves. Go to a dermatologist should be handled in the following cases:

If you notice a change in the shape warts or it hinders you in your work (for example, when it is located at the tip of a finger); if wart is painful,

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When circumcision is necessary

In circumcision, there is nothing wrong — it is a simple and safe surgery, which in some cases is a must. In some cases, however the man should be circumcised? How is this delicate procedure? Whether it is necessary to circumcise infants prophylactically?

All these issues we talked to the chief doctor of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doctor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist the highest category Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Tell me, is it true that there is a disease in which circumcision is the primary method of treatment?

Yes, there is such a disease, it is called

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Jakub Halik. Dead man with a mechanical heart.

In the Czech Republic at the age of 37 years died a former firefighter Jakub Halik, who has lived without a heart for more than six months.

After he was diagnosed with cancer, doctors replaced his heart on two pumps, each of which served as the right and left sides of the heart. This unique operation was carried out in April of this year.

According to doctors, Khaliq died when his liver failure. Why she refused, should set the autopsy: a direct connection with the operation of the

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The long-awaited pregnancy come, but from the moment of conception to the birth of a child must go through a long nine months. During this period, a woman could pose a serious test, the worst of which — the miscarriage, and as one of its variants — a frozen pregnancy.

The term "miscarriage" obstetricians understand spontaneous abortion for up to 37 weeks. If this happened before 22 weeks, talk about abortion, if later — a premature birth. In the first case, to fight for a child's life is meaningless, in the second — the doctors will try to do

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