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Kyrgyzstan: Revolution last?

Since 1991, demonstrations were held in Kyrgyzstan than in any other country even Central Asia. But, observers say, after the revolution in 2005 they became almost everyday. Soyuz 2-revolution favorites Bakiyev and Kulov long collapsed last Prime Minister Kulov currently leads the opposition to President Bakiyev. Baisalov controlling coalition in Kyrgyzstan for democracy and civilian society, believes that Actually Revolution, which threw down as president Akayev and raised great expectations, has not solved almost nothing:"After two after year March 2005 we can say that most of the mottos of the Tulip revolution did not materialize. Only swapped plates on large

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Fidel had to leave even earlier

Correspondent "Today, it became clear that the Cuban favorite Fidel Castro out with all their own posts. If anything will change, nibudt in Cuba and globally with his resignation? "Lady: "Oh, I can not portend, I do not astronomers! Served for its people — let rest. He ran for a long time and he retired. And who currently breathe freely, men or only he — I do not know."Young Man: "Well, it’s which side look — from Belarus or from Cuba. Belarus, I think it will not be significant configurations. And for Cuba? There are many patriots, which is a

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