Paul Seviarynets free again

Associates and friends gathered around Paul Sevyarinets Baranovichi bullpen, that meet Paul after having served 17 days in jail. When passed some time, and Paul was not all, people have turned to the policemen. They said that Paul in the bullpen not. But they refused to call his whereabouts. Few minutes reverse Seviarynets Paul himself called his friends and said that is Ivatsevichy. Specifically, there he was taken bullpen staff for a few hours before the end of sentence. Paul’s friends went to see him.• Paul Seviarynets sentenced to 17 days and 620 thousand fine, 10.09.2007

The platform for the NPP will be determined in a few months

He noted that at the moment conducted drilling depth 2-sites — Kuvshynavskay and Shklovsky-Goravskay in Mogilev region, and few months can be to say which of them to nominate as the main project of NPP construction in Belarus, the second will be spare.Alexander Mikhalevich said that when selecting possible sites were considered international advice on the most stringent safety requirements and aspects.

Now judge detained protesters

Commandos detained about 2-10-s people among whom were minors. Some detainees were beaten in the "paddy wagon" on the way to the police. Katsuhu schoolboy Arthur in "fast" from the police drove to the clinic.In the metropolitan area of the tribunal will bring favorite Joint civilian party Anatoly Lebedko, a favorite of the "Perspectives" Anatolia Shumchanka Yana Mikhailova, Alexander Chernyshev and several youth activists of the democratic movement, whose names are to This time remain unidentified.The police refused to name the names of the detainees.In the Central Tribunal district of Minsk bring students Barazenka, Pavel Vinogradov and a few others.

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1st armored Syrian rebels

In place zatuhshemu behind win Libyan people's military-technical creativity comes close in spirit and content of the creation "Revolt of the masses" in another Arab country — Syria.

That's such an impromptu armored car Suzuki pickup truck chassis built by rebels in the Syrian town of Homs, while the opposition website reported argued that such machines are several. Machine even as it is written, has its own designation T-HOMS75. In bronekuzove back is 12.7 mm DShK used, apparently, in the manner of "carts". With a crew of 3 persons allegedly armored car speeds up to 80 km /

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Samara Bend — one of the most anomalous zones of the world

Only in the last few years there have been more than 1,000 paranormal. Often, there are such things as "cat ears" — rays of light that appear out of nowhere. A so-called "cat's eyes" — some glowing lights seen over Zhiguli mountains.

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Encounters with Sasquatch — also uncommon event for local residents. For example, one of these meetings took place in 1950 on

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Flood ravaged the north of France

December 28, 2012. In the north of France, in the province of Pas-de-Calais several villages settlements were flooded as a consequence of the strong long rains. Rivers burst their banks, leaving several settlements without communication with the outside world. The most difficult situation in Melville. There were twelve submerged streets and three houses.

Source: Euronews

Scientist: During the day the earth may fall some more of the same meteorite

February 15, 2013. Over the next 24-36 hours on Earth can fall a few meteorites, such as the one that fell in the Chelyabinsk region. These meteorites (and Chelyabinsk) may be particles of the "tail" of a giant meteorite with a diameter of 50 m or more, which will be flown on February 16 in dangerous proximity to the Earth. This was reported by "Rosbalt" head of the department of celestial mechanics matmeha State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia Konstantin Kholshevnikov.

According to the scientist, the experts know about the dangerous approaching the planet

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One percent of the imported weapons

In 2011, the Russian export of arms and military equipment (AME) headed for the level above 10 billion dollars. For the current 2012-th was contracted to supply 12 billion Thanks to our homeland firmly holds second place in the world in terms of sales tools. Such shipments zabugornom countries, not counting the rest, they say about the features and capabilities of our defense industry. Yet, in some areas behind our oboronka which leads to the necessity of purchasing techniques have zabugornyh respective manufacturers. Total procurement of imported weapons orders of magnitude smaller than the total price of export contracts. With

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Electromagnets momentum or the beginning of the apocalypse of the Great Novgorod?

It is not exactly news, apparently I missed it somehow, but nevertheless, after still publish. Local residents have already started to believe in the precursor date 21.12.12 . I think that this story will continue. So.

Recently in web video has been posted on the "end of the world", filmed in Veliky Novgorod. In social networks, people of the city began to discuss the approaching Apocalypse. In Novgorod, November 27, there was a strange incident, which was filmed by witnesses and posted on the Internet. In several areas of the city after a

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Experiment on a destroyer: the tragic experience of scientists or good fiction?

During the Second World War, the Americans decided to create an absolute obscurity, was held "The Philadelphia Experiment" in 1943. Along the shores of Philadelphia was the Marine destroyer scored a lot of various electronic equipment. Certain distribution of electromagnetic waves must have caused rounding of light around the destroyer, thus making it invisible. This is possible due to the wave nature of light.

As soon as the equipment, the ship was surrounded by a green fog that began to fade with the ship destroyer. A minute passed, and the

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