Enough to save Connor!

Savior did not come.

Unfortunately, experience has taught us to be afraid of such news. «Terminator» — the suffering in the motion picture fantasy: some parts of it contradict the other, and together they are not joined with the series’ Battle for the future. » The trouble is that no leader kinoserii-like creator George Lucas and Peter Jackson, who represented himself to the big picture and led her incarnation. Demiurge «Terminator» James Cameron has long their child is not engaged, the universe passes from hand to hand, and each new owner turns it on its own. Of course, films about

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So be it


One of the speakers at this interesting meeting — writer Julian Semenov — identified himself and his colleagues, working in the genre of adventure film "underground workers finally came out of illegality". The audience greeted these words with laughter joke was not so much fun as paradoxical because creative people are gathered here whose work has a huge audience success, received wide public recognition, medals received numerous diplomas and certificates

But the paradox of this is contained and some truth And is not that small fact what some fifteen years — twenty years ago prejudice was still strong

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The traditions of the anti-fascist art is not buried in the archival collections. First of all, because the idea of ​​revenge tenacious: radio and newspapers daily informed about the attacks of neo-Nazis, the emblem of the Reich regularly hit the television screens overseas, «yearning for fascism» becomes an object of sociological research.

The advent of films dedicated to the fight against fascism, usually dated to the mid-30s. In terms of pure filmography so. However, it can not ignore the general provisions of the Soviet cinema, resulting from work on the large-scale themes. Revolutionary history and modern masters were taught

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Week holidays

A reflection film about the vocation, the fate of the younger generation, which tomorrow will enter into independent life. It raised questions about happiness, about loneliness, about the destiny of man, about kindness.

The film takes place today in the French city of Lyon. Laurent Kyuer young teacher, taught in schools French language and literature, always worried and frightened that students are passive in class, they are spiritually devastated. The children have not awakened the germs of those moral maturity that shape human-hating cruelty and violence that can sacrifice his own well-being for the sake of the happiness of

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MATT Farnsworth

FATHER ‘orphan killer «

American film director MATHIAS (or MATT) Farnsworth unexpectedly (perhaps even to himself) recently became one of the most interesting and popular figures in the world of horror cinema. It happened after Matt released in theaters the film «Orphan Killer», performing the not weak impress even the seasoned fans of the genre. This, of course, is not so heavy and extreme spectacle, as films from the series August Underground work or Brian Pauline — but still very tough film with a really strong and dramatic scenario. To learn how to create «Orphan Killer» and why this

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Djigit always horseman

Script writers — Bair Abdullayev, director Arkady Inin — Meredith Atakhanov operator — Anatoly Karpukhina artist — composer Huseyn Huseynov — Alex Mazhukov soundman — BAYRAM Enchantment

Roles performed:

Dzhupbar — ALBERT Atakhanov

Alov-aga — Artyk DZHALLYEV


Nazar — Kurbangeldy ODAEV


Ata — Enchantment Khojanov

ANNA — Lucien Ovchinnikov and others

«Turkmenfilm» 1986

Color. 9 parts. 2380 m. The R / C number 1300286

22.0 / 8.4; 8.7

The film was shot in a rare and favorite genre of music the audience eccentric comedy. With enthusiasm spinning on the screen full

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Historically, that the more ancient forms of art are recognized and more sublime, clever in some way elitist. Queen bitten considered literature, cinema — also an art, but with a reputation for the entertainment of the masses, well, a video game only recently gained recognition from the critics. In some ways, this hierarchy is valid: Literature gives more opportunities to express thoughts and ideas. This book often serve as the basis for movies and games.

But now the usual hierarchy shaken. In the age of computers and universal literacy it was found that of all the arts, literature accessible

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Misha Demurin: With Russian consciousness is incorrigible

With the Russian consciousness is incorrigible. Philosophers and social scientists refer to it as the socio-cultural mutation. It is just as disastrous consequences as bio mutation, eventually mutations which affected the body, usually die or itself, or exposed medium. Mutation — it is a failure in the defense system of the body when it is eventually periodic external influences cease to operate with the elimination of these impacts inflicted damage. If you run across a mutation in the genetic level, it threatens the genetic catastrophe.

But I'm not talking about biology, and released at the end of last year and

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Yegor Gaidar. Cursed Days watch online

It seems that many of the twenties that the Russians do not know enough about Yegor Gaidar. This movie — it is an opportunity after 20 years to realize and appreciate the gravity of the decisions that had to be made in those Gaydar "cursed Days" when the country was at a crossroads. This movie is not only about the Gaidar-reformer, and about Gaidar, man. For the first time viewers will see the widow of Yegor Gaidar — Marianne Strugatsky. The one he called not by another as "my happiness." Frank interview with Marianne, in which she acknowledged that

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The Great Patriotic watch online

We offer a documentary series about the events that occurred at the beginning of stateliness Russian war, shot with Russian, British, and South American filmmakers. Moviemakers have tried, as much as possible impartially illuminate this most difficult period in the history of the Russian Union. The movie was aimed at Western audiences, for whom he was a real eye-opener. It vividly illustrates the heroic feat which Russian people made in the name of saving the world from the onslaught of fascism. In this film you will see a huge number of chronicles, which was shot by military reporters at

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