Covert struggle in the power lasts. Siloviki is still ahead of the liberals

The unspoken rivalry conditional power and the liberal bloc in power lasts and becomes similar to the long-running TV series. The last move of the liberals in the form of an open letter to Putin Dvorkovich did not bring the desired result — the president did not even read it. But the response to this demonstrative gesture followed immediately.

On the days of Putin his decree introduced new members of the President's Commission on the energy sector. They were head Interior V.Kolokoltsev, head CBP Fradkov, Deputy Foreign Minister Karasin, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Facilities Yuri Petrov

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Bullfinch and treated her back to jail

Society Former prosecutor of Minsk region Mikhail Bullfinch in hospital, "where he was treated. After treatment, he was sent back to prison in Valadarski Street," — said the law enforcement agencies. Lawyer Anatoly Shepelevich previously reported that Bullfinch for more than three months, the transcript of the hearing in his case.

The former prosecutor was convicted of abuse of power and other crimes and sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Supreme Court of Belarus.

The fault Bullfinch not recognized, and the verdict, told reporters he was a victim of corrupt officials in the government, and that the fact that

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Belarus were seksrabynyami in Buchenwald

Society So-called special blocks, brothels existed in the German concentration camps from 1942 to 1945. As forced prostitutes were employed more than 200 women prisoners. Two-thirds of them were German, and the rest came from the occupied territories of Belarus, the Netherlands, Poland and Ukraine.

According to the organizers of the camp brothel, their goal was to improve "the output of the prisoners in the war industry."

According to the archives, after the concentration camp of about 170 of these women had survived. The fate of the majority, especially the Belarusians and Ukrainians, remains unknown. From August 1945 Buchenwald became

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We arrested Alexander Klaskouski — two sons and a daughter

Society According to the detainee's father, a journalist Alexander Klaskouski, his namesake son is still kept in the KGB detention center. Relatives known whether continued Klaskouski Alexander Jr. term of content, because the lawyer Irina Burak with it has not yet met.

"As I understand the situation, she can not be involved in investigations without the consent of the other side. And there is apparently employed as belt conveyor. In the end, I can not exactly know its location, and secondly, I can not give him a transfer. Perhaps he is deprived of the most basic: razors, toothpaste and

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Israel has detained traders beloruskikh

Society Tel Aviv police arrested three Israeli citizens who are suspected to be declining, and a few Belarusians forced into prostitution.

As thea police press service of the Israeli media, these men took away foreign passports and locked up in a Tel Aviv apartment, where supplied "clients." Women, however, were to escape from the traffickers 'human beings' and return to Belarus. About this incident they told local law enforcement agencies. Then in Belarus headed the Israeli police investigators. The victims testified, the suspects were detained.

The police say that all three Israelis are not immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

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