Human incompatibility

What unites the film such stories? Perhaps — well guessed the essence of the important features of our lives. After all subjects relating to virtually all the major «trend» of modern -deneg, sex and psychic abilities. Only they are presented with caustic adjusted to our reality.

WORLD KREPEZhA.Esche at the beginning of the last century, Maxim Gorky once said: «It is not always important, they say, but it is always important — as they say.» In this phrase, he foresaw the great one of the main technological methods of modern «salespeople» — no matter what you sell, as long as

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Small witness a big row

Even in the event of a dispute amicably FAMILIES. Psychologists believe, from this natural aspect of human relations have to protect children not only impossible, but also not necessary. However, if the conflict flared up in front of them, IMPORTANT get out of it without damaging SMALL unwitting witness.

Almost every weekend the family of Olga and Sergei turns one and the same battle, which they call their «bad tradition». «My husband and I have agreed to substitute for each other in the morning, — says Olga, the mother of two daughters — 5-year-old Sasha and 3-year-old Xenia. —

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Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

Based on the story Yu Nagibin «Berendeev Forest» writer — director Nikolai Ryazantsev — Pankratov

Cast: S. Shakur, V. Telichkina, Mikhalkov, M. Semak,

Shilovskaya B., O. Golubitskaya,

T. Konyukhov, E. Sukhanov O. GOBZEVA,



The theme of the film — the victory of love over the minutiae of life, above the vanity, which only seems to be a full life.

The heroine of the film Nina seems that she and her husband, the artist Paul Alekseevichem too closed in his own world that real life is somewhere nearby. And at the first opportunity {Going on

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S. Vainshtok: Actions in January showed the correctness of our course

But Weinstock convinced of the need of conservation partnerships and good neighborly relations with the Belarusian oil transportation companies."Between" Transneft "and our Belarusian staff saved the usual sincere neighborly working affairs. Believe that they will not change in the future", — said S. Vainshtok.The "full understanding of what happened, of course, yet to come. But the main lesson — is a stark reminder to us all of the need to mutually respectful, equitable, taking into account the interests and benefits each other. Reminder that more important than the ability to resolve conflicts in a relationship, and the ability to prevent

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5 days of arrest correspondent Nasha Niva

Freelance correspondent of the newspaper "Nasha Niva" Yaroslav Stseshyku given 5 days of arrest. Stseshyk himself in court said that he photographed this action, and that police threatened him, he says, "it will be a problem" because it removes their faces.Activist "Revolt" Gleb smokers also received 5 days of arrest.Recall, May 15 young people have tried to carry out a survey in the midst of passers like Tera to each other, and were detained Special Forces officers. Tags: field, rebellion, stseshyk our

Picket in support of Andrei Kim in Moscow

In picket involved representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Moscow, as activists, "Defence". The protesters for a day or one changing each other, stand in front of the embassy with flags and banners, demanding the release of Andrei

Grodno police controlled the park in the center of town

On the spot already waiting police truck was enclosed with a tent for the transportation of personnel. The policemen warned the audience about the responsibility for his role in an unsanctioned rally.Activists congratulated each other Congratulations and left the park. They laid flowers to the memorial plaque rebels Constantine Kalinowski at the railway station and to the rebels Tadeusz Kosciuszko Signs on the wall of the New Castle. Policemen this time continued to look for the activists. Tags: BNR anniversary, 90th

How do we choose marriage partners

There are several theories that describe the principle on which we choose our marriage partners.

Some researchers liken the process of choosing a spouse bargain, the "currency" in the exchange are such social values of two individuals, such as social origin, economic status, education and personal characteristics (age, appearance) (Melville, K., 1977).

Supporters theory of homogamy argue that the "exchange" can be any of a man and a woman, but only those that have the same "social value", or homogamy. In other words, we try to choose a partner within our social level, by geographical proximity, among the

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After at least some of the war — the breast of the Earth in the crosses

There is a heresy, heresy is sassy, and there are statistics

War — in itself a strange phenomenon. In war, people who do not know each other, kill each other for glory and rewards people who know each other and do not kill each other. But even here, in the middle of death and horror, in an unusual pattern of human destinies, range of emotions and thoughts of the alphabet is always a place of curiosities, untold facts and insane matches. I bring to your attention a little overview of the fascinating cases that occurred during the

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Its time to get out of SShAshki

One reader, who returned to Russia after long years of living in the United States, he turned to me with a request to tell you that after all prompted him to abandon the "American Dream" and move to the continued residence in our largest, but moderate country.

I think that should give the name of the creator of the subsequent lines in secret.

Initially, the creator contacted me before the New Year, and we agreed that for 2-weeks, he will prepare a publication for the blog to what to say about what prompted him to return to Russia. But,

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