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Educating girls

What do you think about when you are born feeling of motherhood? When your kid call you mom or gave you your first smile? Or when you put red on the belly, screaming newborn creature, which is more expensive for you there is nothing in the world? Or maybe when you first felt within himself a barely perceptible motion, and someone still unknown, in the depths of your body stretched and straightened his tiny legs?

In fact, the feeling of motherhood is born much earlier. The famous British psychologist D. Winnicott came to the conclusion that this sense of

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One day in Boarding School at the Defense Ministry

Guesthouse pupils Defense Ministry created by the decision of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov as part of the "Strategy for Community Development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2020," Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 21, 2008 number 1043 and the Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on July 29, 2008 number 3415. Posted by Guest on the territory of the former Department of Military Conductors at the Metropolitan Conservatory.

• The pupil of the Pension kids are soldiers performing military service in remote

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White Panna in the Black Castle

Golshanskiy Castle, popularly called the Black Castle, located on the border between Belarus and Litvoyuzhe long been famous for its terrible stories about living there a ghost — White Panne. Some time in the castle was Golshansky branch of the National Museum of the country. One day, after the discovery of the skeleton of the building walls, there was constantly appearing ghost of a woman dressed in white robes. Locals called it the White pannoy.

Most often, the ghost can be seen coming out of the niche the principal's office.

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My faith — it is not a reason to sing the song!

Who verdict was announced the group Pussy Riot. With grins on their faces, they calmly took what the coming two years, an attractive young ladies and mothers already have to spend in jail. Well, well. That's what the area to make up her smile.

I'm more concerned with their act and then under what sauce it filed the Russian media. Even far not conversant becomes clear that similar news distract us from something more fundamental, such as the increase of tariffs and other restrictions innovations in the lives of ordinary people.

Many journalists this action was filed as a political

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Psychological differences between boys and girls

How much of our language words for the little man — baby, baby, baby, crumb, baby. And all of them in fact — is neuter. And when the manuals in pediatrics and psychology write about the child to a certain age should be able to so and so, dear textbook writers again have in mind a kind of asexual creature. Meanwhile, the boys and girls grow and develop in different ways.

1. Girls are more docile than boys

In early childhood, girls really are more obedient. It is programmed by nature. Women are better adapted to the environment than

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The ghosts of loved ones

This story happened a decade ago, in the Perm region.

Anna dreamed of her deceased friend Lida. In the dream, Lida stood by women in bright robes and smiled. When Anna asked her, "Where are you?", — She said, "I'm in heaven. Near me Mary. Come to us. "

Since Anna was deteriorating health. It started to bother nagging pain in the heart. No doctor could not put the girl a proper diagnosis. If you are interested in endoscopic sterilization of dogs that perform this procedure you

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Anomalies of the body / Anomalies of a body / Body Bizarre watch online

Telecast "Anomalies of the body" will travel around the world and to acquaint us with unusual stories. Starting from the Indian child snake tamers and ending with the hairy devchenkoy in the world.

1 movie

In 9-year-old boy with an unusual growth on the cervix is less time. The strength of spirit maiden, which at one point dubbed "the ugliest in the world." Honey magic gives hope to the 30-year-old lady trapped in the body of 2-year old girls. Urgent need healing Indian devchenke with 8 limbs. And so the same small girls, which does not harm

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My horror story — Girl X-Ray watch online

In Saransk woman lives Natasha Demkina that can create human organs without any devices. She wants to get international certificate, which podverzhdaet its capabilities. This movie demonstrates its capabilities and all the trials that she must go through to get this certificate.

Sensational stories

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Top Model American watch online

Tyra Banks — the prince's popular model and TV presenter, is organizing the show is popular. She helped zadoristye Miss Jay and photographer Jay Manuel. At a casting them were selected by three and a half 10-ka young and pretty women, who now will be trained in the model school in Los Angeles. And, of course, where there is competitiveness, vanity and ambition can not all go smoothly and harmoniously. The show is entertaining: girls have already more than once to fight together survive mass nervous breakdown, ending with a call to "first aid", some had survive nasty fall

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The witches of Salem. The story of three children

Deal Witches of Salem perhaps the most notorious in history and has many references, even in our days. Remember even a work of Stephen King's "Salem's fate." I think you will be interested to hear how it all started and find out what guilt arrest 150 people and 19 people were hanged three little girls…

It was winter 1692, two little girls of nine and twelve years: Abigail and Elizabeth were the first victims of the Salem vedmam. A few days later they were joined by twelve Anna. With them

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