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The lines inside the dolmen

In practice, because the exact size of the camera stand, obviously, it was difficult and, in addition, from place to place me physically (piezoacoustic) properties of rocks, which were made of dolmens, they needed a precise adjustment to the desired frequency sound. Dolmenov advertisement for this purpose was applied to the surface of the chamber walls (mainly the rear wall) engraved patterns that archaeologists call patterns.

From the point of view of researchers, these jagged lines, spirals, concentric circles and other images played a role rigged circuits (attenuators), which ensure

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Mikhail Leontiev. Most of the South American hole 3

"History teaches us that it does not teach anybody anything. Everything is already there. History is cyclical, and the history of the economy — even more so. We are not keen on the predictions, we are just stating what is happening."

First channel represents a third of the 4-part documentary film Misha Leontiev "Most of the South American hole-3 ".

Forecasts from the movie 2010 "Most of the South American hole 2 "are implemented to the letter. Their worth to mention briefly. How and why the developed economic crisis in the U.S. in September of 2008? How and why, after

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The last "mole" KGB. Ames watch online

In 1994, the FBI arrested Aldrich Ames, a high-ranking CIA officer who had access to the hidden disk imaging. Nine years he passed particularly principled information KGB agents. Because of this, resigned as director of the TsRU.Vremya Ames began in 1985 and accounted for Gorbachev's perestroika. By the time Russian intelligence was like Swiss cheese with numerous holes. Holes gnawed "moles" — been recruited by the security services. In the early 90-ies Aldrich Ames appointed head of the working group on the KGB.

Modern history

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The construction of dolmens

Presumably, dolmens not only generate ultrasound, but also emit it in the form of a directed beam (searchlight effect), as evidenced by the design features of the dolmens. Luggage dolmen represents funnel, flared in the direction from back to front. Statistical processing zapadnokavkazskih dolmens showed that with all the variety of sizes of dolmens angles of cameras they met. Namely, the horizontal angle chamber solution averages 94.4 degrees, the angle of the roof — 95.4 degrees.

An important element in the construction of dolmens is also a hole in their

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