Belarusian Jews celebrate Purim

The Jewish house gathered many people. There was music. People were treated triangular buns with poppy seeds.Prazdnichka Purim story begins in the IV. before our era in the old Persia. Chief dignitary king Ahashverosha Oman decided to exterminate all the Jews in the country. This was one of the managing vyznat Jewish community Mordechai. He went to his own niece Esther, who was the wife of the king, so she asked him to cancel the decree. Esther hesitated, since no one in the palace did not know that she was Jewish. Go to the king uninvited too unsafe. For it

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Yama memorial at the Minsk held a mourning rally

Now the memorial day Yama, that at the intersection of the streets of Minsk and Zaslavskaya Melnikayte, there were about 100 people. These were the main activists of various Jewish organizations, the diplomatic corps and representatives.Ambassadors: Israel — Zeev Ben Arie, England — Brian Bennett, of — Alexander Surikov, Latvia — Maira Mora, Deputy U.S. Ambassador Jonathan Moore. Says the organizer of the meeting, the chairman of the Union of Jewish Communities and Organizations Leonid Levin:"March 2 was mayhem. And this monument dedicated to this mayhem. He survived, he is. And we today going here on the Pit. "In November

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In Minsk presented movie about Belarusian Jews

The movie gives short information about Jews who have lived on the ground in Belarus. Community members noted that this first attempt to make a movie about the Jews themselves, not catastrophe of the Holocaust.At the presentation in the auditorium of the Jewish Home attended the moviemakers. They explained to the audience that the duration of the film is very small, and therefore could not tell much about it.Reads the script writer Anton Astapovich:"I was born the idea to remove a movie about ethnic minorities. In 2006 showed up at the OSCE grant. OSCE identified, but because we secrete through

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I would place the IMF did not give a dime

Against 2 under-aged criminals who breaks the crosses were the first time a criminal case. Former numerous acts of vandalism in Kurapaty Forest remained unsolved. Comment listener:Zinoviev: "When anti-Belarusian regime authorities aimed at combating Belarusian, they are not to vandalism."Mogilev opened a monument to the Jews — victims of Nazism. On this topic subsequent call:Emperor, Minsk: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom "I wish you to direct your attention to the lack of debate about the extermination of Jews in Gorki Mogilev. Excellent remember my late mother wore food in the forest, where hid Jewish woman with 2 their offspring my age, whose father

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Monument to victims of the Holocaust. Palms symbolize the soul

Layout monument architect developed Mogilev. Andrei VorobyovHandprints on the carved stones — the main element. Master plan for when a person touches the palm, he feels the soul of the deceased person in the ghetto. This monument to the emperor Vorobyov special:

"First, of course, thought about the victims and the fact that everyone wants to live. These people presented in the palms, which symbolize their souls, their appeal to God and their desire to live … I am satisfied: managed and extraordinary, in my opinion, quite true. The idea seems to be read. "

By the way, the

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Belarus is the first textbook on the Holocaust

Society today, marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, all over Belarus today will be mourning. In Minsk lay flowers at the monument to the victims of the Minsk ghetto street dry, and the memorial to "The Pit." But the theme of the mass extermination of Jews in the ghettos and concentration camps on the lessons of history is studied in some places, fragments, in "The international character of the struggle against the Nazi invaders."

The term "Holocaust" in the textbooks was missing. Therefore, a group of enthusiasts, scientists decided to create a manual for teachers of history of the Minsk

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As Henry Ford Hitler instructed

"Only on his deathbed to Henry Ford came repentance. When the end of the second world war, he watched a movie about the atrocities of the Nazis in the concentration camps, faced with the fact Straseni consequences of anti-Semitism, he had a stroke — the last and most difficult … ".

This is an excerpt from an article by Robert Lacey "Hitler and Ford."

What connected the favorite of the National Socialists and the U.S. auto magnate? What kind of repentance writes creator?

As understood father of German Nazism and the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler civilization, to put it mildly,

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What is teygeleh?


In a recent response you mentioned, as in the its time in certain circles it was fashionable everywhere you go hand Judeo-Masons. Orlov in their number, no one seems to deduct, but still answer that connects you with the Jews? In the stories "Vova Tsymerman" or "prophecy Roses Gertsykovich" You adgukaetsesya of them with sympathy and warmth. And suddenly you? ..


WithSoviet times and told an anecdote about a man who, by filling in the questionnaire, wrote a column about the nationality, "No".

I, too — no.

However, once in a yellow newspaper "Slavic

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Colored glass Telehany

On the streets of the Company's hurricane central part of the pre-war homes are worth more. Some — plastered, some — blackened by time. Near one of the houses I was talking and got to knowOlga Mikheev. Funny and very talkative woman. Because zhytstsyaradasnastsi difficult to determine its age. Mrs. Olga, after learning that I was a journalist, invited me to tea. The apartment is on the whole sound of the radio worked.


Olga"To me the noise was in the house!"

Reporter"And what is good, on the radio?"

Olga"And even though bark but gently. Sometimes, it seems, would take

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The demons of the past Holy Will


At the church's oldest living resident Michael svyatavolski Paramonavich Kalanchuk. A year'm 90 years old. But to call him a very old man does not work. So he lives in mimicry, in movements, in his voice.

Michael"There were people of the sea. Jews were more than 400 souls. Only the Jews. Shoemakers, carpenters, do what you want. There was a large sawmill. The Jews went to work here, and Belarusians. All together. There was a large commune. Telehany, Holy Will and Logishin. Three fairs in such villages were located. In year three fairs. Exported cattle to sell. Traders came

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