Michael Kaplan:

«We believe in the domestic industry»

Michael M. Kaplan — Deputy Director General for Development of the oldest Russian enterprise Lift — Karacharovsky mechanical plant. At the time he graduated from the Automobile and Road Institute, he worked in the Glavmosstroy, Zarubezhstroi, in the elevator business — about five years, and CMH are two years old. We talk with him about the present company.

Reporter: What are the current challenges faced by the plant?

MM Kaplan: Rebuild and slogistirovat production, reduce all into one big shop. Now the production is split into many shops and it is quite uncomfortable.

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«SitiLift»: the components of success

Three years ago, I began working biography of a young plant material handling equipment LLC «SitiLift.» Today it is a successful company — a reliable manufacturer and supplier of modern energy-saving elevators: passenger, cottage, freight, hospital, as well as elevators for ships and lifting platforms for the disabled.

Managing a group of SD Babichev told the correspondent of the magazine «Elevator» its young, dynamic company, introduced its still not very long, but it is bright and rich history, showed production and shared plans for its further development.

Reporter: Sergey, how it all began?

SD Babichev: begins with UAB «Aksel lift.»

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Such a man could not stay alive in today’s time

In October 2002, an armed group led by Mavsaram Baraev taken hostage more than 800 people in Dubrovka in Moscow. Anna Politkovskaya was involved in negotiations with the invaders. As a result, the structure of the assault killed 130 hostages."The main pain Anna took on the …"For victims of "Nord-Ost" Politkovskaya was not only a journalist who describes the tragic action. Ira says former hostage Fadeev lost Dubrovka own 15-year-old son:Fadeev, "I walked into the church first days are, to the priests, with one question: where, how and what? Nobody answered me. But for some reason with her, I felt

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October 7 — the anniversary of the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Anna Politkovskaya remembered in almost all the "hot spots" of, where she wrote her article for "The latest newspaper." Is it not more likely Anna Politkovskaya wrote about the bloody war in the Caucasus, murders, mass violations Human Rights, about 2-military campaign in Chechnya, the Ossetian-Ingush conflict of Beslan catastrophe.Says Managing the organizing committee for the restoration of the area Dagestan Avhavskaga Movladi Saipav:Saipav "There were manyNumerical stripping. She openly expressed their worldview in Hasavyurtse when planted innocent people, it protects their rights. And no one feared. Special operations, it climbed to the bullets. Caucasus appreciate the courage and bravery

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Brest tribunal saw business journalist

Anastasia Myaleshka performing an editorial job, attended the presentation on August 19, Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Law enforcement authorities considered it an unauthorized meeting. On 14 participants were drawn, seven appeared before the tribunal. Yury Bakur Eugene Belasin, Vyacheslav Kruglov, Sergey and Vasily Bathhouse Vavrenyuk were fined from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles.Magazine journalist "Shade" Love Pronevich, also as Myaleshka Anastasia, was present at the presentation of the book on an editorial assignment, the court issued a warning. Now came the turn to the correspondent of "Brest Courier". Anastasia Myaleshka shares his impressions with Radio Liberty:

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In Finland, the company liquidated investor who was invited to Belarus

Journalists weekly "Belarusians and Market" interested in the personality of the entrepreneur Luxembourg Nikolai von Koehler, who is going to invest Tipo 10s of millions of dollars in mining and processing project in Belarus brown coals and shales. Last week, Alexander Lukashenko met with him in Minsk. Meanwhile details are independent researchers learned that cast swing purity capital sovereign Keller. Journalist knows Pavljuk Bykovskii. "It is possible that this man may engage in some shenanigans. It usually refers to as an investor asks municipal guarantees, and later disappears. His only company is registered in the past year, and the preparatory

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Mogilev to fight the opposition thrown fire

By Inspector council Sergei Padabaeva, Dmitry Solovyov made a fire in the fire-dangerous period. As it turned out, there is an order executive committee, which advises citizens not to visit the forest in this time.Last Thursday, Dmitry and other activists detained reinforced police patrol in the woods near Mogilev. Against the will of their bundled into an official car and taken to the Mogilev district police station. Kept for more than 3 hours.Freedom they came after, as inspector of the Ministry of Mogilev emergencies, which caused the police, was not protocol Dmitry Solovyov.Solovyov says that in the forest, they gathered

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Young journalists in Grodno have their school

Reporter: "One of those who coined Hrodna school young journalist — Vytautas mine. He oversaw all 10 years of school. My question is: for this time two children finished school, how many of them now really work in newspapers, on the radio? "Mine: "When the project started, the demand for journalists was much greater in Grodno newspaper came out then much more than presently. And these were the years when, for example, the newspaper "The Chase" Ninety percent of our graduates was staffed. We always put two goals before the project: preparation correspondents, the development of public activity of youth.

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Yu Borisevich: Belarusian-could form the latest know

Karatkevich "In" Night Primer "sounded your works written for the Web — what a feeling, what more you need at the moment — or Interactive printed word?"Borisevich: "The audience is different. Older people or those that are not very accustomed to working with a computer, prefer paper to computer and texts are condescending. For example, Valentin Akudovich. A youth reads from the computer. This markedly — sold fewer books, fewer magazines published, disappeared almost samizdat. According to his own way, it is a great loss for the culture, but there are such forms of power. "Karatkevich: "How, in your opinion,

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The journalist asked for political shelter

But no details and did not give the journalist comments.Political columnist for "Belarusians and Market" Pavljuk Bykovskii told:"She said that her life is in danger. What it is, on the phone she said. For the newspaper had written about money, about the world economy. Apart from newspapers, she has worked with film crews BBC, who came to cover the elections and so on. I do not exclude that this she would have linked some prepyadstviya. When was the last time a film crew visited Scottish Television BBC, they did an interview with Alexander Lukashenko. And was then history with the

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